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Review of new SC2 cards

22 Sep 2020 @ 21:56 CET

Map Overview for 2020 Season 3

With the start of Season 3 in Ranked Play, new 1v1 and Team Play maps will be available!

Already today, these maps can be explored and tested in the Custom Game mode in the multiplayer section. Below are descryptions of new cards from their creators. Click on the images of the maps to display all details.

Timmay: “Acceleration zones are located at four strategic points, allowing players to quickly change direction of attack. The map was carefully planned with the support of the Twitch chat members. Large rocks completely block the routes connecting the acceleration zones. Another path near the bridgehead for the additional base is partially blocked by stones. "

Marras: Chiaroscuro is a standard map with two third base placement options and seven beachheads per player, suitable for a wide range of playstyles. Destructible rubble provides early protection for players, and their destruction opens up more room for maneuvers. "

themusic246: “A small map with specially placed stones, because of which you have to move troops over longer routes early in the game. After the destruction of the stones between the additional bases of the opponents, a short passage opens, where clashes will regularly occur. "

Marras: “Romancecide is a macro map with a small distance between enemy positions. The «labyrinth» of stones and obstacles in the central aisle open up great opportunities for trench warfare. The value of the mineral content in the deposits blocking the routes is 10 ".

Agaton: “This ancient red wasteland, called Polka, is to some extent a fortress map. The large number of Vespene Geysers in the main player bases allows for more complex strategies by borrowing gas from an ally. By removing the barrier from the poor mineral deposits at the additional base, you can open the way to new bridgeheads, as well as get close to the attacker from the rear. But be careful: this area can also be the target of an enemy strike. Most of the skirmishes will take place in the center of the map, which has numerous passages: some of them are initially blocked by stones, while others can be blocked during the game. "

Pklixian: “Players start the battle at the bridgeheads for the main bases and do not unite until they have built an additional base. However, one of them will have the opportunity to place a third base with less risk. The skirmishes will take place in a number of areas of the map, including fields and narrow passages, one of which is in the center of the map, and the generators of zones of suppression will help prepare the defense. "


Marras: “On the Tuonela map, the main team bases are located in the same area, and close to them there are closed bridgeheads for additional bases. Collapsing piles of stones at the front slopes will strengthen the defenses. Players can also increase the flow of resources by developing rich deposits in the lowlands. "

Here is the confirmed list of maps for Season 3 2020:

  • Submarine RV 
  • Death aura RV 
  • Pillars of gold RV 
  • Oxide RV 
  • Chiaroscuro RV 
  • Romanticicide RV 
  • Yagannata RV 

  • Polka RV 
  • Dreams of the Arctic RV 
  • Heavy artillery RV 
  • Roscallian RV 
  • Flourishing RV 
  • Emerald City RV 
  • Night landscape RV 
  • Anguish RV 
  •  Gorge RV 
  • surf lineBone RV 
  •  Temple RV
  • Augustine autumn RV
  • Guardian RV
  • Simulation of reality RV
  • Resistance RV
  • Old manor RV
  • Crash RV 
  • Monuments of RV
  • Concord RV
  • Nekodrek RV
  • Tuonela RV

In addition to the new list of maps, in the new season players will have the opportunity to change their character name for free! To do this, follow these directions:

  • Enter to the game
  • Left-click on your character portrait in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Click on the gear icon next to your name
  • Select «Change»
  • Choose a new name
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