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Results of 36 season

03 Dec 2018 @ 22:24 CET

It's time to take a summary of season 36 on iCCup. Many things happened in the three months which have passed. I sincerely hope that everyone remained alive, because as everyone knows, you need steel nerves to play DotA! :)

In addition to the standard nominations, there will be some new and unusual. Basically, they relate to secondary skills, such as «take out the enemy's turret while the allies farm the forest» or «how to ring up a girl on the forum.»

In general, we participate, read and discuss, enjoy! 

Our main nomination and the main prize of the season are the players from this list. It is nice to get to this top-list for several reasons: the first is best players of iccup, second — even if you did not take one of the top places, hitting the top ten, you will get amazing price and get for example golden crown! And the thirt is just a nice! :D

Ukraine QQMeMore
 shayanafarm75019318200/157 _SnoopDogg75018995182/143
Uzbekistan aza4tostoboi]75018671176/106

in this category, personal skill is more important than team play. Although, playing with a couple of friends, you can quickly break out to the top and with due diligence not to let other players go there. The recipe is simple, we take the top ten and insert them into this tablet, then we award them with gold, and next season we are waiting for new users to join the list!

Uzbekistantps-Strelok 45011100401/13
South AfricaHworang. 35010625361/10
UzbekistanMeePo_Khalifa 30010398263/14
Russian FederationM-Toxi4 2508585466/77
Russian FederationKNYZeBOSH 2508509101/5
 heX0rr 2008302108/3
 PROXY-_-) 2007705121/10
UzbekistanBek1320. 2007223299/16
 A-1 2007045208/8
Russian FederationD[A]H 1506833181/4

The victory in the team competition is one more challenge. Find a team, play with it and start winning; all this requires iron nerves, a high level of personal skill and the ability to decompose the game into five. In principle, we already have some favorites, clans that have been regulars of this top for many seasons, but who knows, we will be happy to see new teams and pro-games from their side.

Team namePrize
EuropaGoTeamTop1 700021740
EuropaRDTB 500020765
Russian FederationTheOrderOfSuicide 300016926
#flags_dlg.vnStarper.Gaming 150016529
Europaandrey 150015728
UzbekistanKUKA0770 100015717
 AFK_GaminG 100015378
EuropaExcellent 100015221
DenmarkZT 100014885
#flags_dlg.worldEnisey-[Krasnoyarsk] 100014521

These guys are puffing over the number of victories in a row. There is a place for luck in their skating rinks, because the goal is not just to fill many victories, but victories without defeats, which means any careless intervention from the outside, like a cancer that wandered into the game, can spoil the whole game and you will have to start over.

Shocker 15325363-0150
BloodAngel 9000108-0100
JIyKaIIIeHKo. 545650-0100
KING[M] 534939-0100

Read the text under the nomination above? So, what these guys are puffing over we don't know yet, most likely something forbidden. But let's be objective, if they are not banned, then everything is legal :) 


The guys who have been stripped into the minus are also entitled to a reward of 49 caps on the PRO account, maybe this will help them to play stronger and better.


#dota_dlg.Spiritbreaker :-D

Clearstats Arena

Clearstats Arena  — is a place where doters, and in terms of compatibility, our entire community resolves differences. In the arena you can fight on all sorts of heroes, as well as the team on the team. The bet is your points. So here is results

Insulted in the game? Slapped on the schschscham?  This is not just a nomination, here the personal skill comes to a new level: there are not any squadmates, no feeders and novers, only APM, only hard core!

Uzbekistan UZBEK900

Sometimes disassembly goes to a whole new level. At first, he called you a weakling, and then you call your friends to defend him at the CS arena of 5x5 format. So the friendship begins and there is nothing more pleasant than to look at the statistics of the opponent leaving to zero!

Korea NeverBackDown900
Russian Federation RFHD900
Russian Federation Skutalu900

Tournaments — the lot of real knights. This season we have prepared for you a list of the most skillful, fearless and invincible warriors:


The forum is a place where you can relax, take part in contests, quizzes, various games, and maybe even win somewhere. Today we will talk about the most talented and active users of certain branches of the forum. The winner in this category is - MostDaddy

 A man who has overshadowed a dozen of the girls of our platform, as well as the top 1 of Cosmopolitan magazine — Me (Me: D)

Who will tell you about any movie and list the top 10 TV shows on IMBD version if you wake him up at 4 am? This is our film fan — ADR3NAL1N41K

The season flamer is a gag in any barrel. Sparring, poking fun, or giving advice is all about him. A man who hate and love at the same time, without which you can not imagine the flame the way it is. It's hard to describe, there are thousands of such people, and this season is such a person —lil And we think that the best reward for him will be a top of heite in a personal :D

Let attempts to shine with the intellect often fail. This guy doesn't need it. Only his appearance is enough to shock the public. And his manner and style can drive an unprepared person mad. Meet the crane of the season 36 AARON


The man who did not conquer ladder, did not make some incredible streak. But he could at 100% realize his creative potential. He revealed himself as a writer, as a poet, and even as an artist. Always approached the matter diligently and with taste. We express our gratitude for having pleased us with his work throughout the season. The winner is Emptiness! We are waiting for the fruits of your creativity in the new season.

The streamer of the season — the one who pleased you with streams throughout the season! It was guy who raise your spirits and show as many beautiful games as possible. please welcome the top streamer of  season 36   .....beda.....


The best player of the closed games is the one who won the most and proved to everyone, in his closed club, that you do not need to be top on the “main” to be the best. And they rightfully become .4rtSty1e!


We are  not forget about the inhabited bottom of the sea. While someone was sweating in rdtb 20k, he also did not stand still, although he was moving slightly in a different direction. Defeat after defeat, 3 steps forward and 10 back. But rest assured, this kid is not to blame. Just no luck with the team. So, why not reward him so that he does not get very upset? Dake0013 receives the title of crab of the season.

Farmer season — one who seeks to destroy everything that moves! And he will not relax until he reaches his goal. On account of this guy more than 114,325 creeps. Congratulations to the player Prince-Godlike on the victory in this nomination.

In each game there is a guy who breaks the “S” button on his keyboard, but the tovier will definitely pick it up. Even these guys usually ignore the entire gameplay and are driven by only one thing, at the end of the game give the phrase: “Well, look how many merchants I have carried, and you have merged the cat!”

Nomination pusher season

Farmer showed himself here. And since such a thing, we will allocate for it a separate frame with a gray background. Meet Prince-Godlike and his 2399 demolished towers!

No gain, no pain or where to put the precious hours of your life? The clear answer is to play DotA on iCCup! Play for 1061 hours — you need to have a special sense of humor. Personally, we can’t imagine how QZebra18 was brushing off mother or beloved girl when she called him for borscht, without a solid stock of jokes.


Customky is a certain separate world. Not everyone can have a high APM in games and burn mines a pixel to a pixel, but go out with these guys 1 to 1 in some pooj wars and you will quickly realize that the world is not spinning dota and your hand is far from the fastest Wild West: D

NicknamePrize cups.png

Separately, congratulations to the players [S13] Dasha and FerGanec -.- who collected strikes and confidently ranked the top rankings in the disciplines of Warlock Wars and Hungry Hungry Felhound

[S13]Dasha 1486pts (21-0) (Prize: 250cups.png) + title Custom Arena: Invincible
FerGanec-.- 1399pts (14-1) (Prize: 250cups.png) +title Custom Arena: Cheeky


Remember that guy from the “top pusher of the season” nomination, so here are his haters. For every ruined commodity, this dude rebuilds a few smaller towers and you can be sure that not a single wave of creeps will pass by its buildings!

NicknamePrize cups.png


Other Custom games not included in the main nominations:

NicknamePrize cups.png

Throughout the entire month, we held tournaments for various games and by collecting together all the statistics of victories, we found the best. The one who does not care what to play, the main thing is to play and win.

NicknamePointsPrize cups.png
 GRAY56 points500
 Mirime-38 points400
Russian FederationIsik-32 points300
 TeMHblu.JIOTOc30 points200
 Rapha-28 points100

After you have won a hundred other skating rinks in castes, snatched victory in meat in a thousand tournaments, with a light heart you can go to the forum and tell everyone that you did it! After all, the main thing is not that you won, but to show everyone your victory! These guys actively participated in quizzes on the forum.

NicknamePrize cups.png


Oh, our favorite closed games — this tube atmosphere, where everyone knows each other and has little to be surprised. Sitting on Skype and streaming games is what distinguishes closed games from the usual ladder. Among them, too, there are top players!

NicknamePrize cups.png

With your head held high you will enter the new season or not — it determines the rank with which you completed the past three months, but know that everything is in your hands. We are waiting for your new victories and conquest of new peaks!

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