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Nation League: season 2

07 Oct 2016 @ 03:00 CET

Last update: 06-10-2016
After mostly positive feedback and strong numbers in participation and viewers on stream, we'd first and foremost like to say thank you to everybody who played in, supported and cheered for ICCup Nation League Season 1.

After listening carefully to your feedbacks, we decided to implement some changes which will help alleviate, if not solve the fundamental issues at heart.
The following changes are in effect for Season2: The Eastern Team, World Union and Germany have been reorganized in «Team Europe» and «Team Nordics».
All american countries except Peru have been merged to «Team America». See exact list of countries below for further reference.

Russia and Poland will field two more independent Teams. Each player from Russia and Poland can only sign up for one of these teams and can't switch team after that. Both teams run for Playoffs and are considered equal in all regards.    
The Ace match is back! You heard that right. Each Team is incentivized to send their strongest player into the ACE match by having a special ladder that counts wins and losses for Ace players. The best players will receive a prize at the end of the season. Read the rules set for a complete overview about it.
All south, center and north America countries  except Peru
Germany, Austria, Swiss, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland
Russian FederationRUSSIA 
Russian FederationRUSSIA-alfa 
Europe UnionEUROPE
All countries from Europe not listed above
pl POLAND-B and ru RUSSIA-alfa will play as independent teams, running for playoffs. Their players cannot switch to main team (and vice versa) until the end of the season, including playoffs.

Players coming from countries not listed above can be integrated judging case by case, if an integration is not possible we reserve the right to reject those players.
The regular season will be played in 14 weeks, each team will face each other twice in a double round robin format: 7 weeks for the first round robin plus 7 weeks for the second. The top four teams will qualify for the playoffs.

Nation Wars will be played in the following format (all best of three):
   • 3 per 1v1 (these players can also play ACE or 2v2)
   • 1 per ACE (this player cannot play 2v2; this player can also play one 1v1)
   • 1 per 2v2 (these players can also play one 1v1; cannot play ACE)

The minimum players needed to play a full Nationwar are 3, two of them will play 2v2 and the remaining one will play ACE. Of course teams can decide to set 6 different players in the line-up.

Each team will be awarded with +1 point for every match won +1 additional point to the winner of the NWar (example: Team A beats Team B 3:2. Team A gets 3+1= 4 points, Team B gets 2 points).

Starting maps will be given, then loser pick any, no double map.
The second season will start Sunday 30 October; matches will be played every Sunday at 19:00 CET in channel Nation League (a specific channel can be set between teams once met, if in mutual agreement). 
The broadcast for the Nation League will start about 1 hour later and will be brought to you exclusively on our twitch channel iCCupBwTV
Where possible, the management of the team will remain the same it was for the first Season. However the Leaders have to re-confirm their engagement as such or to show up in case a new Leader is called to forfeit their position.

Please use the sign-up topic to do so, it will be also used to recruit new players as well as for the players coming from the countries not named. Additional info will be given there.
We again welcome  — sponsoring the ICCup Nation League Season 2 with 150 €. Thanks for supporting us all the way and believing in what we do.
                         ACE TOUR                           
The ACE players stats will be tracked during the regular season. At the end of it, the top 4 players will be seeded in a single elimination bracket bo3, bo5 (seeding is: 1 vs 4; 2 vs 3). 
In case of tie in the final standing, the direct comparison will determine who is seeded higher, in case the players didn't play during the season, an additional match bo3 will be played.
Additional information about the prizes for the ACE Tour will be announced later.
                       SUPPORT US                       
As last in last Season, we graciously accept all donations and promise to put them to 100% on the prize pool. Furthermore, show us your love in the forums, twitch chat and support your Team.
Be hyped! Come every Sunday to play for your team if you are needed. That's not enough? Well, we are still looking for motivated staff people and freelancer with the right skillset to co-work with us for this.
Contact us for further reference please.
Why have you invited only 8 Teams this season?
We wanted the most comfortable, balanced Setup for this League while avoiding as much walkovers as possible
When will it start?
Sunday, 30 October 2016, 19 CET
How can I play?
Reply in the sign-up topic or ask the Leader of your Team to recruit you
Can my team pick up a certain player as stand-in?
The administration will decide stand-ins case by case. Ask in the sign-up thread or contact an Admin
What tag should I use?
Use the tag of your real country, not the one of the team you are registering for
My country is not listed, where do I play?
Contact the administrators using the sign-up thread or any other way. We will do the possible to integrate you in a team
• Rules: link• Donations: link• Broadcast: link
• Standings: link• Sign-up: link• Teamliquid: link
• Support us: link• ACE Tour: link• Important INFO: link

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