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#1 Posted: 11 Apr 2016 @ 01:18 CET quote
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NW link


Time: Sunday @ 19:42 CET

ET and DE agreed to postpone the match Lure[ET] vs remag[DE] to 19:00 CET, but Lure did not show up. Screenshots:

So we request a walkover for that set. Regards Cryoc.


Time: Sunday @ 19:54 CET

lure coming in a 40minutes, we'd like to ask you to play postponed game.

This game tooo old no do thinks like w.o

show some respect!

I was present and remag made a favor to wait for Lure til 19:00, we can't ask remag to wait all night.

ET captains you should have activate a wildcard to postpone the match when saw Lure couldnt come in time.

I have to assign WO to Lure, sorry.

I don't close this thread in case I missed something.

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#2 Posted: 11 Apr 2016 @ 19:53 CET quote
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LOL u started with W.O league! nice job nono.gif

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#3 Posted: 11 Apr 2016 @ 20:38 CET quote
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This is the right call, you can't just set an agreed upon time and then not show up and then say oh it's going to be another 40 minutes and then not show up again.

Not only is this unprofessional in any setting, quite frankly, it is highly disrespectful to remag. Telling him to just keep waiting until lure shows up as if remag's time is worthless.

Whatever the reason is, maybe he was hungover, maybe stuck in traffic, Lure could have simply chosen another date/time where he isn't as rushed.

If anything remag went above and beyond accepting later and later times.

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