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---+--- How to Start Playing StarCraft? ---+---

---+--- When the season ends? ---+---

---+--- Where to find the list of commands? ---+---


Ladder Stats (used for ladder games)

/stats <username> (view ladder statistics)

/clearstats YES (reset ladder statistics)

/transfer <username> (transfer ladder statistics into another account, overwriting the stats)


Friends List (used to find online friends)

/f add <username> (adds a friend to your list)

/f del <username> (removes a friend from your list)

/f promote <username> (promote a friend in your list)

/f demote <username> (demote a friend in your list)

/f list (shows your full friends list)

/f msg (whispers a message to all your friends at once)

/f online (shows your online friends list)

/f off (off all friends watching)

/f on (on all friends watching)

/f state (show current state of friends watching)


Common commands:

/help (show all commands)

/where <username> (show where's a player)

/m <username> <text> (whisper to a player)

/ignore <username> (squelch a player)

/unignore <username> (unsquelch)

/away <text> (sign you as afk and show a text)

/dnd (block all messages)

/who<channel> (list palyers in a channel)

/join<channel> (change channel)

/admins (show online admins)

/r <text> (answer to a whisper)

/gameinfo <game name> (show info about a game)

/netinfo (show info about the server)

/maps (list all the ladder maps)

/motw (show maps of the week)

/p <username> (show latency)

/ah <username> (show antihack status)


Lobby commands:

/nah (allow to join the game only players with antihack on)

/rl <min> <max> (set rank limit for your games, 0 to reset)


---+--- How to join Administration? ---+---

---+--- How to contact Admins for any problem? ---+---

---+--- Where can I find technical issues FAQ? ---+---

---+--- Facebook? ---+---

---+--- Skype? ---+---


It's been suggested to create an official skype channel group to facility the meeting of the players since many ppl are afk in channel.

Why not? Give a try and see if its help to find allies and opponents to play.

Have fun!

copy/paste in your browser URL bar (skype required):


if it doesn’t work, just contact me at skype (iccup.face) and I’ll add you or paste the link in a random skype chat to make it clickable


- The group is moderated, you can be removed

- No offenses / bad manners

- No sexual / porno / inappropriate contents

---+--- Discord? ---+---

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