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#1 Posted: 29 May 2009 @ 19:42 CET quote
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This forum is for posting a complaint against a decision that has already been made. If your complaint is denied this is the place to appeal it.

This forum is ONLY for the following people to post on:

1) Players posting a complaint against a decision

2) The Super Admin of the section being reviewed.

3) The admin being complained against to EXPLAIN his decision when only section Super Admins or Head Admins allow to post there.

4) Head Admins if the complaint is against a Super Admin

anyone posting in topics not having to do with them will have their posts => They will be warned by Super Admins or Head Admins or sitebanned.

Format should be as follows for Ladder Complaints

Kind of complaint: Matchlist/Forum/Server

ID of the Matchlist/Manual Report complaint:

Link to the Forum Complaint:

Paste here the PM you have received:

Screenshots on Server: must have /time on ss's


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