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8KerFighter :
ButtPirate420 :
Get good or get rekt. Either way stop crying.

Get good vs maphack?:DDDDDDDD I can see,so you are using maphack or you are the seller LOL. Really funny guy :D

Get good or get rekt.

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They should "hire" more people to look at maphackers tickets and then proceed to give bans if there's enough proof. People would maybe volunteer if you make a post and ask for more "admins" to look at more tickets ,so it dsnt take sometimes even 20+days before they are banned.If everyone hacking would get banned every 2-3 days maybe then the situation will be better.Every single game that i am playing there's at least 1 hacker.90% of players playing pudge are using maphack. Is a nightmare to play on this platform right now.I have tickets that are created on 19th of june and no one looks at them.

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The 14-day-old report for MH with a clear fog click is still not resolved. And that's how it works here. A platform created to sell MH and protect while you suffer. The only option is to own a BANlist and accept the reality of the platform. 90% of MHckers are dumb monkeys and can be defeated.

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they also commit such frauds in their life activities

get lost mx!

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It looks like ingame admins and iccup staff doesn't even read these forum topics , or they just don't care at all. It's so sad to let a good platform die like this. Rgc is shit,this was the only place to play dota 1 but they fucked it up too with selling maphacks to their users and do nothing to stop it. Money talks,people are corrupt even here,this is the sad truth.

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Do you guys ever scrol down and look at banned players ?

You know that you can do that and if you do that you will see that the CAT team is working as much as they can.

If you wanna help you can join CAT section.



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