Streak - Rogue Knight

22 Jan 2023 @ 21:09 CET


Good day, dear users of our gaming platform!

We bring to your attention a new Streak Contest!

Let's go!

Streak Rogue Knight


This week you have to make the maximum number of games before the first loss, playing image Rogue Knight


Play other games on the account that was streaked after the streak ends — FORBIDDEN

• It is necessary to streak from the account on which the transfer/clearstats was made before the start of the contest. Or you can start with a 0-0 stat.

• clearstats/transfer is not allowed during a streak.

• Only 5x5 ladder game with XLTB or APTB mod, map 6.85 counts.

• You can choose the account to transfer caps to in case of victory.

• If there are less than 3 results, then the competition is considered invalid, but all participants who have not violated the rules of the competition will receive incentive prizes.

• Matchmaking is prohibited. Players must not repeat — the maximum assumption that one of the players from the previous game plays with you again is 2 times (played the game — add all 9 players to the banlist). It is also forbidden to repeat players with the same IP address, but different nicknames — if more than 2 games are found, disqualification.

• From one player/from one ip — one result.

• In case of equal number of wins, the winner will be determined by the value of KDA.

• You will be required to submit all replays, so be sure to save them hereReplay will be requested in the topic [Results] — Streak Rogue Knight

• Lack of all replays = disqualification.

• Flood in the topics Contest‚ Results and Results will be deleted, in case of relapse — you will receive a ban for 3 days..

• Answers to frequently asked questions, suggestions and other information can be found in FAQ Eventsplease pay special attention to the blacklist.

• Abuz and any Feed = disqualification.

• In case of an attempt to deceive the administrator, as well as for violation of any of the rules, you will be disqualified from the competition and possibly added to the blacklist!

imagePlace- 90 image

imagePlace- 70 image

imagePlace- 50 image

imagePlace- 30 image



image iCCup.CLAY
(Judge of this contest, all questions to this administrator)

image iCCup.ReDRagon
(Contact only in critical questions, if the judge above did not answer - indicate the name of the competition in the subject of the message)


Beginning: 23.01.2023

Finishing: 28.01.2023 14:00 TM Russia

Good luck to everyone!