Season Results - Clans Update

20 Jul 2022 @ 18:00 CET

Good day, dear users of the International Cyber Cup platform!

As you all know, at the end of each gaming season of the TOP-10 clans of the platform, a certain N-th number of caps is obtained, which the clan leader distributes at his discretion among users. Unfortunately, many clan leaders neglect their trust and transfer caps to users who have not made any contribution to the development of the clan and its being in the list of TOP 10 clans.

As a result of all of the above, it was decided to change the system for distributing caps between members of the clans in the TOP-10.


PREVIOUSLY: Clan leader distributed caps to users, even those who never belonged to the clan.

NOW WILL BE: Caps are distributed by the administrator only among users who are members of the clan at the end of the season.

PREVIOUSLY: The clan chief accrued caps at his discretion.

NOW WILL BE: Caps are distributed among all users depending on the number of pts.


For the largest number of pts, the user will receive a reward in the amount of 10% of the total number of caps allocated to the clan ± a possible balance (the balance can be negative).

For the least number of TCP i.e. 1000 pts the user does not receive anything.

Based on the highest pts, the lowest pts, and their respective rewards, users falling between the highest and lowest pts will receive caps by linear interpolation.

Example. Clan «World» for getting into the TOP-1 receives a fund in the amount of 3000 caps. At the end of the season there were 15 members in the clan.

Player1 has the most pts in the clan: 10000 pts.
And Player15 has the least number of pts other than 1000 pts:4987 pts.
So Player1 will receive: 10% * 3000 = 300 caps.

Since the required values 200b 200bare calculated (the largest number of caps is 300, and the smallest is 0), we get the following values for interpolation:

Nickname PTS Preliminary amount Difference Total amount
1. Player1 10000 300 -20** 280***
2.  Player2 9767 292* -20** 272***
3. Player3 9675 289* -20** 269***
4. Player4 9666 289* -20** 269***
5. Player5 8765 259* -20** 239***
6. Player6 8675 256* -20** 236***
7. Player7 8564 252* -20** 232***
8. Player8 8544 251* -20** 232***
9. Player9 8432 248* -20** 228***
10. Player10 5434 148* -20** 128***
11. Player11 5430 148* -20** 128***
12. Player12 5423 147* -20** 128***
13. Player13 5420 147* -20** 128***
14. Player14 5131 138* -20** 118***
15. Player15 4987 133* -20** 113***

*The number of caps that users will receive in advance is calculated by linear interpolation. Onlayn kalkulyator. 

Total preliminary amount per clan: 3297 caps. But the clan has been allocated 3000 caps! Based on this, the balance of 297 caps is divided by the number of users in the clan — 15. As a result, we get a difference of approximately 20 caps per user.

**Number of caps that the user will lose due to exceeding the total amount of the reward.

Summing up the preliminary amount and the difference, we get the final number of caps for each user.

***The total number of caps that each user will receive. If a certain number of caps are still left, then they are thrown in random order using the example of users: Player8, Player12, Player13.


The time spent by the user in the TOP clan will be taken into account. In the event of an attempt to “jump into the last car” to receive “free” caps, appropriate measures will be taken: caps cancellation, account blocking, and even dissolution of the clan.

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