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Review Tournaments Team

17 Jun 2019 @ 15:30 CET

Hello, dear users of our gaming platform! Week by week, and tournaments remain primordially interesting and exciting, in them you can test your strength and show others what you are capable of. A lot of tactful games, beautiful moments and other goodies can be found in the tournaments of our fellows, and now proceed directly to the review.

The tournament in which you have to fight in 1x1 mode, on the same characters, namely, such a hero as #dota_dlg.ShadowFiend Shadowraze Tournament.

Tournament Results:

— gets 70  Boyka 

— gets 50  OnePunchMan

Let's talk about the best tower defense game. The enemy's begin to attack the king and the players try to protect their king. The player on both sides creates units to protect the king. 

Tournament Results

— gets 70  undeeeead & juk-888 & RasAl

— gets 50  X-Fails_Matrix & X-Fails__Neo & so1.

— gets 30    Brazil & Pro_(VenoM) & apvdemon

 Archer Wars is a 12 player map where players choose 1 hero out of 7. The most basic archer is unlocked in the beginning and the other 6 are locked. As you play the game and kill other players, your kill count racks up and you will be able to unlock new characters. The struggle for victory to be forever known as a legacy. Twelve adept archers compete alone or in teams to crush their enemies in this last stand. They must use anything at their disposal to protect their Ancient of War and destroy their enemies.

Tournament Results

— gets 50  (aRt1x — & Mister_Pool

  — gets 30  anti2 & Frozen

Let's talk about the pokemon tower defense game. Using pokemon you train you can fight other players.

Tournament Results:


 — gets 30  MolodchlkPRO            

This is «are you a lucker?», A map for 4 players. You will have to play through a number of mini games that will test your luck in different ways. Each game can give you points, more luck equals more points. The player with most points after the last mini game is the winner. I highly recommend that you pick up this and play with your friend, to determine who is luckiest of you are!

Tournament Results

— gets 70  Pros_mid_ia-

 — gets 50  puma6801

— gets 30  VGT         


 Legends speak of a hidden race track north of the border where representatives from the far reaches of the land gather to test their skills and racing prowess. This event is known to break even the mightiest of combatants with its no-rules-barred arena.

Tournament Results:

— gets 50  [B]lackShadow

  — gets 30  Pros_mid_ia-

 Our review is complete. Stay awesome and have fun! See you again next week!!.