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Review Tournaments Team

11 Jun 2019 @ 18:24 CET

Hello, dear users of our gaming platform! Week by week, and tournaments remain primordially interesting and exciting, in them you can test your strength and show others what you are capable of. A lot of tactful games, beautiful moments and other goodies can be found in the tournaments of our fellows, and now proceed directly to the review.

The tournament in which you have to fight in 1x1 mode, on the same characters, namely, such a hero as #dota_dlg.DwarvenSniper Sniper Tournament.

Tournament Results:

— gets 70  (aRt1x-

— gets 50  BadComedian

— gets 30  [B]lackShadow

Let's talk about the best tower defense game. The enemy's begin to attack the king and the players try to protect their king. The player on both sides creates units to protect the king.

Tournament Results:

— gets 100  gordbIu_ptu4ka 

  — gets 70  undeeeead

— gets 50  DooMan-

The essence of the game is to kill a given number of rivals faster than your opponent does. The team that killed a given number of rivals faster wins, or the number of kills is definitely the first, also it wins, or until this time comes and the winning team doesn’t seem.

Tournament Results:

— gets 70   BadComedian  & kr1st1nkA-_-

— gets 50    Mister_Pool & [B]lackShadow

The winner is the one who at the end of 8 rounds will score more points.

Tournament Results:

— gets 50  [[. 

— gets 30  e6y-Korga-xo4y     

The tournament in which you have to fight in 2x2 mode, on the same characters, namely, such a hero as #dota_dlg.RizzrakGoblinShredder Rizzrak Goblin Shreder Tournaments

Tournament Results:

— gets 50  Chudu. & DeadPooL_CrazY

— gets 30  Sar1kCOMEBACK. & Pros_mid_ia-

Our review is complete. Stay awesome and have fun! See you again next week!!

kind regards,
Iccup Team

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