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Review Custom Tournaments

16 Jul 2019 @ 11:58 CET

Hello, dear users of our iCCup Gaming Platform! Week by week, and tournaments remain primordially interesting and exciting, in them you can test your strength and show others what you are capable of. A lot of tactful games, beautiful moments and other goodies can be found in the tournaments of our fellows, and now proceed directly to the review.

The tournament in which you have to fight in 2x2 mode, on the same characters, namely, such a hero as #dota_dlg.ShadowFiend Shadowraze Tournament.

Tournament Results

— gets 70  SeregaEbaweT & MxawnikN3 28  & Chocoboy 42 

— gets 50  NeverSayQQ & DUBLIKAT.

— gets 30  BoJiySkiLL & illumlnatl                    

Let's talk about the best tower defense game. The enemy's begin to attack the king and the players try to protect their king. The player on both sides creates units to protect the king.

Tournament Results

— gets 70  gordbIu_ptu4ka & CoJl9Ho4ka

— gets 50  X-Fails_Matrix & X-Fails__Neo

Tactical mini-game based on one of DotA most anticipated heroes! The essence of the game is to kill a given number of rivals faster than your opponent does. The team that killed a given number of rivals faster wins, or the number of kills is definitely the first, also it wins, or until this time comes and the winning team doesn’t seem.

Tournament Results

— gets 70  (aRt1x- & DUBLIKAT. & BoJiySkiLL

— gets 50  illumlnatl & TeMHbIu.JIoToC & -Dribling-

The tournament in which you have to fight in 1x1 mode, on the same characters, namely, such a hero as  #dota_dlg.RizzrakGoblinShredder Goblin Shredder Tournament.

Tournament Results

— gets 50  Pool

— gets 30  illumlnatl

Each player chooses his race from 13 available and gets a base at random side of the map. You can only control your structures and influence the game by researching upgrades for your units which move on their own. There are plenty of upgrades, usually more than the time or money for them all to be researched, so choosing them is a mater of strategy. Also sending Heroes and big bad ass Special units at the right time to the right spot is a key to victory.

Tournament Results

— gets 30  Pros_mid_ia-

— gets 20   Pu3Ho

Try your skill in unitsound recognition against others in this contest style map. 

Tournament Results

— gets 70  easyfastpush26

— gets 50  sniper_31

Pains Party — 20 Minigames… Players are now able to select minigames!

Tournament Results

— gets 50  Pool 

— gets 30  easyfastpush26

 Our review is complete. Stay awesome and have fun! See you again next week!!   

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