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Review Custom Tournaments

02 Jul 2019 @ 08:30 CET

Hello, dear users of our gaming platform! Week by week, and tournaments remain primordially interesting and exciting, in them you can test your strength and show others what you are capable of. A lot of tactful games, beautiful moments and other goodies can be found in the tournaments of our fellows, and now proceed directly to the review.

A mini-game where two opposing teams aim to achieve victory by scoring a certain amount of enemy kills or winning a certain amount of rounds first. This map is based off the character, Pudge the Butcher, from DotA, and his signature skill: Meat Hook. 

Tournament Results

— gets 70  39x7 & DUBLIKAT.

— gets 50  BadComedian & eppe

Players, play according to the rules of the card game when it is their turn. So, before you are 3 groups of cards for each round. Players take turns removing a card that they don’t want to play until there is one card left.

Tournament Results:

— gets 50  nadejda_lyubvi & cheeky

— gets 50  River & eeeeallaxzb

Think very well and attack in a controlled way. The tournament in which you have to fight in 2x2 mode, on the same characters, namely, such a hero as #dota_dlg.Warlock Warlock.

Tournament Results:

— gets 70  1fear & [JKD]Pro_Jeka

— gets 50  MyNameOloloshk & LonelyHunter 

 This means you can pick 4 different spells (3 normal spells and one ultimate spell) like you want. bling You can create any Dota spell combination! LoD stands for Legends of Dota, a Dota modification where you can select any hero with any skills.

Tournament Results: 

— gets 75  Eclipse.0_0 & Tum-_-Tum & VENOIVI

— gets 50  yapxets707 & bekzodzakirov & jns___

— gets 30   Kapee & .kraM & [DarkShark]

— Get ready for a party, Uther-style! Play a variety of randomly selected mini-games against your opponents.  

Tournament Results:

— gets 50  Razefon-_-

— gets 30  Melodia

Desert Fury — Looks like many arena games… But after playing more than 10 minutes, the difference is immediately visible. The map is designed for multiple players.

Tournament Results:

— gets 50  OnePunchMan & freeslot

— gets 30   Mozenratt & (aRt1x-

This is «are you a lucker?», A map for 4 players. You will have to play through a number of mini games that will test your luck in different ways. Each game can give you points, more luck equals more points. The player with most points after the last mini game is the winner. I highly recommend that you pick up this and play with your friend, to determine who is luckiest of you are!

Tournament Results:

— gets 70  --pidaras  & puma6801

— gets 50  Kor0k & KekcMan 

 Our review is complete. Stay awesome and have fun! See you again next week!!  

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