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Results of 37 season

27 Feb 2019 @ 21:54 CET

Season 37 came to an end, yes, February 27, because our platform is ahead of the rest! Remembering the first seasons with their top five nominations and I want to cry. But now we are big and can hand out caps to the right and left! What awaits us? Standard ladder awards, forum merit, custom-warriors, well, and small things we throw to those who simply love iccup and gaming! 

What do we have here? More precisely, not so: “who's here?” According to the classics of the genre, the biggest profit will go to those who frantically sweated in all the rinks for three sweaty months. And winter seasons are always sweat. Because not everyone will be able not to sifted through TCP, pushing through the jungle of holidays: the New Year, someone is celebrating Christmas,and so… well in general here is the results:

NicknamePrize ()RankPointsW/L%WinR
RU(tbo9_cmeptb)2000 23942295-24055.14%
FLAG6SuperGT1500 23003279-20757.41%
FLAG49bekich1250 22466278-24253.46%
ToT.mazeppa1000 22463297-25453.9%
RU1st.Brodyaga1000 20834386-40648.74%
EUTBapb_B_Vegase750 20751175-11759.93%
UZMilana69750 20387262-22653.69%
RUParararam-_-750 20305248-22052.99%
CHsweetcambabes-750 19940203-16255.62%
-JanDRo750 19724159-9961.63%

Our favorite abuser players who have only two friends to play DotA. They get less caps, but still pleasant.

NicknamePrize ()RankPointsW/L% WinR
RUxend-ropla450 11583344-698.29%
FLAG7heX0rr350 11168275-0100%
CNOCTABMHEPAKOB300 10606331-797.93%
FLAG18ELGUZMAN250 9614181-398.37%
RUSMOKEDD.250 9348408-3691.89%
FIFrosteckiy200 9112168-1193.85%
TT1ne2wo3hree200 9041335-4089.33%
BZT1moha_200 9023285-697.94%
RUKNYZeBOSH200 890995-198.96%
FLAG14A-1150 8812104-0100%

All platform holders. — Where are the top players? -We are in the clan! Everyone has his own favorites, but the overall test for TCP decides everything. Our situation is as follows:

Team (Clan)Prize ()RankPtsW/L%WinR
EUGladiatorsarena5000 196121312-112253.9%
EURDTB3000 19295942-70557.19%
RUTHEGODFATHER1500 177461216-94656.24%
VNStarper.Gaming1500 17367913-68657.1%
EUGoTeamTop11000 16712910-71755.93%
AFRepublic of Frozen1000 16295904-64758.28%
RUPolybomu1000 16117855-56060.42%
TRStarper.Gaming21000 16057816-66455.14%
--Enisey-[Krasnoyarsk]1000 159961178-101753.67%

Streakers! How without them? Last time, the mafia of the AP-stickers tried to discredit -XLTB, and we almost deprived them of the pleasure of cutting caps for their work. This time everything is as it should be: aptb & xltb mods. In general, everything is fair!

NicknameRankStreakPrize ()

NicknameRankStreakPrize ()

NicknameRankStreakPrize ()

If at one end of the Internet someone is scribbling, it means that on the other hand someone is running out of patience, and anti-tapeworm accumulates in the statistics. But is it necessary to motivate the guys for success in the next season? Let's help them with a penny!

NicknameStreakPrize ()

Tournaments — a place where you can express yourself on one or another hero, having fought and won all who stand in your way. And the tournament «Favorites» this season has become the top three, and this:

NicknamePrize ()


A couple of familiar nicknames. Their principle is simple — created thread, won, and close thread.

NicknamePrize ()

This is not a pub! Top player version of the replay section becomes — ZXC. The tight selection of players in closed games makes this title really desirable, and the player is a worthy opponent in any game!

After playing a hundred games, after spending long hours in thought, our hero came to the conclusion that fighting, having 6 slots, is more promising than rushing forward with just one slipper in the inventory. Is he right or not? We are not to judge. We meet, it becomes — zmimkapik killing 128889 creeps!

Not each of us has played as many games in a lifetime as this guy has in one season only. Chipped teeth, broken fingers, sleepless nights — he is not familiar with this all by hearsay. DotA is just a game, nothing more! And this time it becomes ryangoslinng after playing 908 games! By the way, with a score of 458-450, which is not so bad :-)

The greatest minds of mankind historically sought to invent something new, brilliant architects tried to build a new wonder of the world. But he decided to go against the system. He would just break something. Pusher of the 37th season becomes — Shocker, having demolished1984 towers! He justified his nickname :-)

We must not forget about the inhabited bottom of the sea. While someone was sweating in rdtb 20k, rdtb, he also did not stand still, although he was moving slightly in a different direction. Defeat after defeat, 3 steps forward and 10 back. But rest assured, this kid is not to blame. Just no luck with the team. Therefore, this player will be awarded 49 caps on the PRO account.  — orewek50349104 with a score of 130-667 and a winrate of 1% :-)

Charisma, positivity, conciseness. All these qualities are inherent in each streamer. But each of them has its own individual traits, which form the streamer from it. Some play well, others comment well, some create a unique atmosphere on their stream. But the streamer of the season will be the person who has all these qualities combined! Only.Kaolin.Ed — Season Streamer!

Forum Nominations:

The forum is a place where you can relax, take part in contests, quizzes, all sorts of games, and maybe even win somewhere. Today we will talk about the most talented and active users of certain branches of the forum.

A person who did not spare his personal time wrote a large number of guides, pursuing only one goal — to share knowledge. Today it becomes  Na.Vi_Top1

The one who managed to simultaneously set on fire and cool the ardor of his opponents, who throughout the season found the right answers to all the questions and could revive any conversation, who did not hesitate to say harshly and wrote about the case. I am sure that if this person writes instead of a greeting to “Escherkee” and he will receive nothing for it. — PINUS_PIPINUS

Let attempts to shine with the intellect often fail. This guy doesn't need it. Only his appearance is enough to shock the public. And his manner and style of communication can drive an unprepared person crazy. The title of the crane of the season gets OTKA3AHO

One without whom no discussion takes place. He, thanks to whom, the entire season on the forum did not abate the debate. A person who has an opinion in any matter, and he will express it, whether you want it or not. This time he is— Zloi_Vombat

The man who did not conquer ladder, did not make some incredible streak. But he could at 100% realize his creative potential. He revealed himself as a writer, as a poet, and even as an artist. Always approached the matter diligently and with taste. For creative success and multilateral thinking rewarded  Vegas_Na_Meepo

For some, sport is a daily workout at the limit of human abilities, for others sport is entertainment, a hobby. But for this person, sport is life! We meet, — PREDATOR

Nominations Custom Maps:

NicknamePrize ()

Also, we decided to award a random player of closed games, he is xyenymalo and gets 50 .

NicknamePrize ()

Nominations Custom Arena:

Custom Arena Tower DefenceSalominka300  + Custom Arena Grandmaster

Custom Arena OthersCeKc[ToPHaDo]50 

Custom Arena Wars(S)aitama250 

I would also like to mention some players for their unshakable faith in themselves and their activity in games against the gladiators of Custom Arena:

GPLEOO — 50 
undeeeead — 50 
4rt1qTESTItMH7 — 50 
Nakazen — 25 
YPS_YaUto4ka_S — 25 

These were the results of the outgoing season with us, it's time to say goodbye, see you next season!

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