Results Of Dota Tournaments

18 Jun 2019 @ 14:00 CET

A lot of tactful games, beautiful moments and other goodies can be found in the dota tournaments of our fellows, and now proceed directly to the review.

Results of Tournaments


iCCup puck 1x1 Tournament



iCCup Puck 1x1 Tournament — It's the tournament of one of the hardest heroes. The Puck has many features that characterize it, allowing it to enter the battlefield perfectly.

Tournament Results:

gets 60  MENT666

gets 40   — iCobra

gets 25   MSA1999

iCCup kunnka 2x2 TOURNAMENT



iCCup Kunnka 2x2 Tournament — You must think very well and attack in a controlled way. For the determination of the best 2 players!! 

Tournament Results

— gets 55   Alfie_Solomons & FUNNY

— gets 35  MENT666 & bgd)

iCCup LANAYA 1x1 Tournament



iCCup Lanaya 1x1 Tournament — One of the most hidden heroes — Lanaya#dota_dlg.TemplarAssassin— Get out of the shadows to cause great damage, but who was the last Lanaya in the shade?

Tournament Results

— gets 60  Funny

— gets 40  Milana69

— gets 25  ..xyecoc

iCCup clearstats arena 5x5 Tournament



iCCup Clearstats Arena 5x5 Tournament — Tournament, attack gladiators in the arena and enjoy the victory. You must be best of the best!!!

Tournament Results:

 gets 80  Chechenec & Asyl4ik & Moonlight & bgd) & pzdc.KPAH

Results of Tournaments

iCCup slark 1x1 Tournament



iCCup Slark 1x1 Tournament — Tournament of a hero who determines the fate of the game.  Slark is an extraordinary hero who neutralizes his opponents. To deserve it, you need to be quite professional. Then be a hero worthy of this hero!!

Tournament Results:

— gets 60  Attrova

— gets 40  bor3

 gets 25  Supreme7

iCCup captain draft 2x2 TOURNAMENT



iCCup Captain Draft 2x2 Tournament — ТTournament in which the 2 best players will be determined.

Tournament Results:

— gets 55  Its_Ponic & qwe_123

— gets 35  Superskilled & MeinHerzBrent

iCCup Mortal kombat 1x1 Tournament



iCCup Mortal Kombat 1x1 Tournament — Like an interesting tournament you've been waiting for so long? 

Tournament Results:

— gets 60  Ment666

— gets40  ShowMeTheSkill

— gets 25  mr.bogum

iCCup captain mode 5x5 Tournament



iCCup Captain Mode 5x5 Tournament — This is the tournament for the best players. The opportunity to play with the best dota players

Tournament Results

gets 70   YaKokca & 1canfeelyou. & qwe_123 & sharavii. & Pokich_BLR
gets 40  kr1st1nka-_- & legenda)0 & gofa.4a & WhereIsMyLina & BlackBrilliant 

Schedule of tournaments for the next week

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Let's relax with video of the Iccup Vol 39 Rampage!!

Our review is complete. It's time to say goodbye, see you next week!