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Join Staff - Tournaments Team

07 Jul 2019 @ 18:42 CET

Hello dear friends,

ICCup Tournament Section is looking for new admins to bring strong forces to our Tournament community.

-Currently, we need admins in these sections: Tournament Section

-Tournaments (organize tournaments, create schedules, apply the rules). Custom Tournaments (organize tournaments on custom maps, create schedules, apply the rules).

-To be in constant communication with Tournaments Admins since they are part of Tournament section;

-Respect and apply iCCup rules/obligations;


1: (18+) Age;

2: Effective Team-Working

3: Able to grasp new concepts quickly and efficiently.

4: We need people which have at least 2-4 hours per day for helping in our hard work.

5: Expressing Thoughts and Feelings Effectively

6: Russian L. (and / or) English L.


Application Form

1: Name & Age

2: What experience do you have in Warcraft and or in administrating

3: Experience in playing DotA? Have you participated in any tournaments before?

4: Amount of free time?

5: How could you describe yourself with one word?

6: Your 'Skype' login