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Interview with TheBaltazarTV

11 Feb 2019 @ 21:18 CET

Interview with a very kind  man  and youtuber known as TheBaltazarTV!

iCCup.nasrbIve: Balta, I can call you Balta right? :)) Introduce yourself please.

TheBaltazarTV: Hello, i'm old school DOTA player… My name is Dejan Petrovic, better known as «TheBaltazarTV» 

iCCup.nasrbIve: Resident of the platform, tell me about ur daily routine, what's your occupations?

TheBaltazarTV: I dedicated half of my life to DotA. My daily routine is to wake up, eat, go to gym train for 2 hours, after that go home, eat again and play dota + record for my channel until the evening. Usually evening's are reserved for friends, and going out with em.

iCCup.nasrbIve: When did you start playing Dota?

TheBaltazarTV: I am playing DotA since 2008. My channel on YouTube started with «DOTA HARLEM SHAKE» video.

iCCup.nasrbIve: Many of your viewers are like me, asking the same question how did you achieved such a high skill?

TheBaltazarTV: My skill is so high because after every game, i ask myself ''what could i do better in this game''. After realizing my mistakes, i can fix them in next games, and improve my skill even higher. Well, practicing a lot is the main key. It's important to stick with few heroes to become master with them. If you play all of them, you will be just avarage. 

iCCup.nasrbIve: Yesterday I watched your game and saw 118 thousand subscribers on your Youtube channel. This is a huge audience! How you achieved it?

TheBaltazarTV: To reach over 100k subscribers you need to put a lot of hard work and dedication. It didn't come over night. I started my channel in feb. 2013. It took me a lot of time to come where i am now. But it doesn't feel that way because i love to play DOTA and time past so fast for me. Also if you are good in something you do, you should definitely start a youtube channel.

iCCup.nasrbIve: Balta, you have a clan, right? Have you thought about putting together a team and winning tournaments on our platform?

 TheBaltazarTV:  I don't have a clan. I thought about making a clan but then i won't be able to keep up with daily upload on my channel because practicing with team takes time and my time is a mess because of other personal things i do in my life.

iCCup.nasrbIve: Also I notice you are very calm  in  games and very patient with the players in your team. :))) is a trait of your character or you are naturally patient person? :)

TheBaltazarTV: I learned over years that insulting and trash talking with teammates will cause you to lose almost every game. I learned to control my emotions and stay calm in games. I am also doing this in my personal life and yes i can say that i am patient person. 

iCCup.nasrbIve: Please tell me what new can we expect from your stream, some new competitions or new games?

TheBaltazarTV: They can expect more streams per week. I love to play with them and i never get bored with streaming. My fans are best fans on youtube. I never saw so much friendly community on any channel. 

 iCCup.nasrbIve: What would you like to wish your audience? and also that you can wish to the iCCup platform, what would you like to see here in the future?

TheBaltazarTV: I wish more Beyond GODLIKES to my audience and to stay even more positive and calm as me. For iCCup platform i can say only the best things. I would set other maps OPTIONAL and only DOTA hosts VISIBLE. Also a little improvement for lower ping can go long way so people can play with even better experiance, with no delay, I would like to see only official map on iccup which is 6.83. I would never play new maps which are just copy of Dota 2. I am not saying that dota 2 is bad, it's just doesn't feel like same game because only icefrog knew how to add new things in this game. 

Such a rich and informative conversation with us came out, we expect good games from TheBaltazarTV all the best Balta! :)

avatar #1 HR iCCup.croboss 12 Feb 2019 @ 10:58 CET

Hope you like it! :)


avatar #2 FLAG25 Saint 20 Feb 2019 @ 18:04 CET

Что простите ааааааааааааа

Откуда столько енглиша он же по русски не бум бум

avatar #3 HR iCCup.croboss 22 Feb 2019 @ 16:15 CET

@Saint well, there is also RU version of Interview! :)


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avatar #5 DZ 1stguyinvegas. 01 Mar 2019 @ 18:53 CET

Ny 4el xorowo strimit bez mata i tak dale respect

avatar #6 PH exiz79 06 Apr 2019 @ 11:33 CET

I hope there's a dota 2 version map in doya 1