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Dota tournament

12 Sep 2021 @ 01:57 CET

imageHello, dear users of our gaming platform! Week after week, and the tournaments remain pristine interesting and exciting, in them you can test your strength and show others what you are capable of. A lot of tactful games, beautiful moments and other buns can be found in these championships, and now we will go directly to the review.

Results of last week's tournaments:

iCCup Kael's 1x1 Tournament


iCCup Kael's 1x1 Tournament — One of the rare tournaments in which participants choose the heroes on which they play the best. Well, let's find out who turned out to be the best.

We present to your attention the winners!


iCCup Barathrum 1x1 Tournament


iCCup Barathrum 1x1 Tournament — A tournament that allowed us to find out the best player on this hero.

We present to your attention the winners!


imageMUIPAHKA— 80 image

imageRackaMackaFoo — 60 image

imageNE_BOLDY — 40 image

     link to the tournament


iCCup Captain Mode 5x5 Tournament — A default weekly tournament in which a variety of teams participated and showed themselves, but only the most played ones won.

We present to your attention the winners!


imageplace  NeverBackDown || (tbo9_cmeptb) || Freddy-K.... ||

 PULSAR || LegendOFpainTV obtained by 70 imageи 750 pts

imageplace JustKeep || river4mo || riverpidr ||

 River || ___ibra___ obtained by 40imageи 450 pts
 link to the tournament

And now the announcements for Dota tournaments:изображениеDota tournaments:

TournamentTime of holdingregistration
iCCup Mortal Kombat Tournament09.09.2021  19:00 Moscow time
iCCup Captain Draft 3х3 Tournament11.09.2021  15:00 Moscow time
iCCup Captain Mode 5x5 Tournament12.09.2021  15:00 Moscow time

On this excellent note, the News section ends this review. I'll see you next week. Be healthy, and less crayfish for your team! 

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