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12 Sep 2009 @ 20:49 CET
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Check out the user replays section and look for VInteR's replays. Im a C- Terran user. If youre a noob it might be nice to see someone at just a little higher level than yourself do builds and strats that you can pull off as well.


gl hf!



avatar #1 n-a 13 Sep 2009 @ 02:31 CET

I watched two of the latest TvZ you posted, and obviously you're more gosu than I am.

The only thing i can point out is that you need improve on is your marine medic micro. If you were more comfortable with your army, you could've attacked much more and swifter; you could've won, earlier, at many points of the games.

avatar #2 n-a 13 Sep 2009 @ 16:54 CET

Yeah Im definitely more comfortable microing a big mech army than I am microing large groups of m&m and many times when Im in the lead and have this huge army I cant really use it to its full potential and capitalize on the advantage I have. I will just have to play more TvZ and practice.

avatar #3 n-a 13 Sep 2009 @ 20:39 CET

I cant dl them right this sec since im not at a cafe or my friends house.... but do u happen to have any TvT? or TvP on heartbreak where the toss goes 1 gate goon range?

avatar #4 n-a 14 Sep 2009 @ 12:26 CET

Ive only uploaded one TvT so far mostly because I really suck at the MU lol. Theres plenty of TvP's though and the majority of them are on HBR.