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iphone 5 cases

28 Jan 2013 @ 18:55 CET
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Because getting a new iPhone 5 smartphone does not come cheap, protecting neglect the with the right iPhone 5 cases is only logical. Based on your unique taste and needs, various protective mobile phone cases are available for the iPhone 5. The way you want your phone to look, and just how you intend to utilize it will even dictate the kind of iPhone 5 case that'll be ideal for you. Following are the better products for iPhone 5 protection that are offered this year.

Case-Mate Chrome Barely There Skin Case — This really is one of the iPhone 5 cases that completely fits the smartphone. The rear side is principally covered with chrome which ends to some stunning look. Although the cell phone case covers and protects an essential part from the unit, access to the screen is unrestrained. Likewise, enough openings around the docks and ports are provided to facilitate docking of numerous accessories for example car chargers.

BodyGuardz Protective Skins — With protective films for example BodyGuardz Protective Skins, you receive smartphone protection from a mobile phone guard that doesn't seem to be there. It is just like having invisible protection. The «skins» are manufactured from exactly the same materials accustomed to protect the leading side of cars from stones along with other abrasive debris. This makes your iPhone 5 virtually scratch-free.

iphone 5 case

Apple Bumpers — While protective films are focused primarily on protecting the glass parts, these bumpers cover and offer the antenna. This provides the added confidence to place your phone down in many surfaces without anxiety about damaging your unit from contact with rough surfaces. Likewise, when you're making use of your phone inside a low-signal area, the Apple Bumpers could keep you from holding your smart phone the wrong way. Additionally they come in various attractive colors that complement the white iPhone perfectly.

Overboard Pro White Waterproof Case — With this iPhone 5 case, you are able to take your smartphone towards the beach or pool without needing to be worried about incurring water damage and mold. You can even use your phone as you go through a car wash or while leisurely soaking in the tub — with matching earphones as well. This really is great to use for your phone when going on vacations.

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Mophie Juice Pack Air — Although this case doesn't really flaunt your white iPhone 5, it will give you enough time later to show your phone off because it could keep your phone well-charged. The telephone and the case can be charged separately to provide twice the amount of talk-time, music, surfing, gaming, and anything else you like doing in your smartphone. This is well suited for frequent travelers who're on the highway most of the time. You can get a much more power for a a bit more cost with this iPhone 5 case.

There are other products in the market with various features and functionalities. In selecting the right iPhone 5 cases for you personally, it is best to consider your desired look and intended use for your smart phone.