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first page SEO

06 Apr 2013 @ 00:36 CET
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Using a site map in your website is the first step. Create a site map that lists all your keywords, important pages and page links. This not only facilitates your web visitors, additionally, it can be useful for SEO. Convenience in accessing the content on your site is essential for search engine ranking, thus the site maps take your website to higher ranking.

Using your keywords in their longest forms or perhaps in plurals also improves your home in search engine results. Keyword stemming is the expression used to describe the concept of using longer words instead of keywords, for instance, instead of while using word read, use reader, readers or readership.

Your URLs should be case sensitive, because if your server is not configured properly, and is not case sensitive, there is a possibility that the links will be damaged by the spiders because they will index your site incorrectly.

Poorly written content with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes causes irreparable damage. You must make sure that all of the submissions are very carefully and critically reviewed to avoid developing a poor impression on online visitors and check engines. If your keywords are spelled incorrectly, you will not feature within the keyword searches even though you have excellent quite happy with 100% relevance to the search.

Another very important element is to have your site well-coded, because a lot of errors in the Javascrypt codes that hold the website together, may cause immense harm to your website. The search bots will not be able to categorize your site and your ranking lowers. Search engine spiders cannot comprehend content in Flash, so avoid this too.

search engine optimization

Use precise title tags so that search engines like google can read the titles easily. Use a maximum of 60 characters for the titles because the search engine does not display content beyond that. Make sure that the titles are written using h1 tags since the tagging is the reason why the search engine find out the title.

If you're the web site administrator for the company's website, convince the CEO or the head of the company to create a prominent presence on the website by contributing valuable insight into the organization, its products, services or practices, or by starting a blog. This can boost website traffic because individuals are fascinated with people at prominent positions, because they are generally inaccessible to the common man.

SEO is a very vast field, and the few strategies which i have discussed in the following paragraphs are but a tip of the iceberg. Although there is much more to go over, these few tips provide some excellent suggestions for you to definitely start implementing SEO.