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divorce facts

23 Feb 2013 @ 18:12 CET
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Marriage is among the most sacred things that a couple could possibly do in their relationship. To take that step and vow to be together forever is among the biggest decisions that a couple could make. It takes love, trust, honesty, and arguably the most crucial one honesty. To make a marriage work and go the distance you must like a couple have of these traits and many more to really make it last. Sadly many marriages now result in divorce. The statics show a depressing amount of divorce rates going through the roof. To be able to get ready you must understand the signs of divorce in order to possibly stop this happening to your marriage.


Couples enter marriages almost always with high expectations. The need for this partner to operate and finally love you the way that you need them to is a very important need. Nevertheless the partners also tend to bring their past hurts in to the equation causeing this to be almost like a setup for failure. The wedding that you have cannot be in any way your reflection of past relationships. You have to dedicate yourself to the current partner and focus all of one another's energy's about this marriage and never the failed ones which have happened previously either to party.

Apathy and Contempt will also be signs that the marriage is within desperate need of attention. These are feelings that can result in much stronger feelings of dislike and tear couples farther apart compared to what they have previously grown.


Contributing to this the main predictor to divorce is conflict avoidance. Avoiding fights can lead to unresolved problems in the relationship. One of the many necessary tools for any successful marriage is communication. When the couple does not work the problems out they can fester and drive a unnecessary wedge in between each other only complicating things further. The bottom line is to speak problems out and are available to a mutual agreement between each other. This is easier in theory but it's still an important step towards success. Approaching a conflict with unnecessary sarcasm and accusations can result in the issue not being resolved. You must put personal vendettas aside and focus around the overall good of the marriage. This can also lead to unneeded back stepping that just sets you further back on the already rough route to success. Always keep in mind that this is really a partnership and may only work properly if each of the party's give their dedication first of all to the relationship.

Negativity could be another setback to living an extended and healthy marriage. Should you overwhelm one another with criticism and negative emotions you not only put each other down your putting the wedding down. Which begs to question if it is even worth the effort to carry on on with an existence together?

The main thing is to bear in mind the reason why you began your way of marriage together in the first place. You might not be able to always see the indications of divorce coming in time but if you never give up and always try your very best there will be nothing for you to regret.