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What Is Wealth

23 Sep 2012 @ 00:53 CET
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Having the ability to answer this is essential to defining not only our financial security but our happiness as people. The numerous misunderstandings regarding wealth creation have always led eventually to the destruction of wealth throughout history. The largest misconception is the fact that we measure wealth, creating wealth and ultimately maintaining wealth by external indicators first of all rather than measuring it from within ourselves.

Fact is: Wealth flows first from within and just then manifests itself on the outside.

Market analysts define the meaning of wealth in terms of indicators and trends of asset classes The profitability of the business and the number of businesses, houses, cars an individual has is seen as a measure of wealth.

These models assume absolutes, yet wealth is not absolute.

Our beliefs alone define wealth, its creation and looking after it. Alas, beliefs change and evolve and are not at all absolute.

Major shifts in perception will never be restricted to one or two asset classes. They permeate the whole structure of wealth perception and creation which ultimately has always an assessment of our core values at its roots. Yet the majority of us insist that external factors such as the weather, wars etc. dictate and drive wealth creation, or the lack of it. Nothing might be more wrong though.

what is wealth

Our reality flows exclusively from your belief structures and not from external factors. External manifestations of wealth like money, gold, property and other assets are simply the result of our internal belief systems and not the other way round. Quite simply: We produce the meaning of wealth with our thinking. It's as plain simple as that.

If you're able to grasp this your entire paradigm will change. You'll be able to tap into a sense of your own power and notice that this power isn't determined by outside circumstances, unless you allow it.

Beliefs and core values stay in place until they stop working. In main transition times people wake up that that which was viewed as valid is of little or no consequence anymore. In spiritual terms this is known as awakening.

Presently money, because the way of measuring wealth, has been exposed for that illusion it has been for hundreds of years.

If you study the history of money and just how it's been manipulated within the centuries you start to understand that wealth in terms of money in the current cycle can't be measured like a valid wealth measure any longer. Presently greed and fraud concerning the manipulation of cash are subjected almost every day and therefore diminishing its value as more people stop believing inside it.

In the end the only reason that the monetary product is still operating is because people have confidence in its power.They believe that it's real when actually it is just make belief. If enough people supported trading stones like a valuable way of exchange, amassing stones would be our new way of creating wealth.