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Tamilserial online

19 Nov 2012 @ 23:14 CET
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The essential mantra for making an Indian television serial is that it must be never ending. It must go on till scrapped by the channel producers.

Based on observations over the years the next guidelines happen to be listed since many essential.

The Storyline: Once we have previously mentioned the must mantra over the storyline should ideally have maximum elasticity. Means the storyline has to be structured in a way that it can continue endlessly consuming new angles or triangles or developments or shock treatment or altruistic twists or directorial wish and that it will never get caught having a dead end. You simply can't afford to aim at a most logical end, because you must are designed for earning the maximum revenues possible-both for you personally and also the TV channel. If revenues are found to be dipping the channel producers will automatically and abruptly end it. It doesn't mean that the storyline ends there.


The Characters: Following as a corollary in the above the characters of the serial should be immense in numbers and stupendous in characterization. Mostly huge joint people are preferred with distant relatives thrown in whenever necessary. Please do not set any limits on the varied couple you can create ranging from the granddad-grandma one to the truly amazing son or daughter vs. great grand in-law couples, if possible. You must also have a rich reserve of dormant characters simply to make sure they are alive and kicking according to the twist-wish necessity. And, also for the dreadful eventuality of the serial inevitably heading for a most logical end you can just withdraw in the reserve and manhandle it to the endless track again. Say no to the frowns and scowls of the channel producers. Always.

The Location: You have no choice here because of the above conditions. You have to always have a huge posh bungalow having a gigantic hall and inner staircases resulting in the galleries and rooms above. This requirement is irrespective of whether your serial is urban or rural based and whether the protagonist is a software billionaire or perhaps a down to earth cultivator. You must realise, you'll need the area to maneuver your abundant volume of characters around and showcase their emotions. You need the demonic hall, because during a dramatic moment you have to line up all your characters there and go on taking their reaction close ups endlessly with the cameras doing go-rounds or vertical assaults.

Before we proceed to other crucial guidelines let's take a break. We all do so in sympathetic acknowledgement from the nut breaking importance of breaks for any serial.