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21 Feb 2013 @ 00:43 CET
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Bug Out Bag
The Bug Out Bag is a ready to go backpack or easy to carry bag. it contains essential items you would need to survive for three days. You will find different ways of thinking on which kind of bag you need to chose when it comes to your Bug Out Bag. Camping stores have a great selection of back packs. Amazon has good deals around the old military Alice packs. While you will find similarities in most bug out bags, it is something which will be a unique as you are. It's also something that you can build upon. You don’t have to do everything in one day…… unless the stock exchange just dropped 900 points, maybe you should print this out and run to your nearest camping supply store, since it just hit the fan.
Some commentators recommend not buying anything military looking such as digital camo because it marks you as a prepper. It's the things they call OPSEC or OPerational SECurity. The idea is when everyone knows that you are a prepper, they are all going to enroll in your door on Doomsday. While a military style bug out bag may mark you like a prepper and compromise OPSEC, it may also cause you to look like a hard target and would be thugs may looker for a softer target. Should you subscribe to the OPSEC way of thinking and choose against an OD green bag, locate a dark blue or dark grey bug out bag. I think black could have exactly the same effect as green. You would like something you can fade into the foliage with if need be. A hot pink Dora the Explorer bug out bag isn’t going to work for that.
Obtain a big Bug Out Bag. Trust me, it is going to need room to develop. Three days worth of food and a change of clothes is going to take up a lot of room and that’s only the beginning. If things get so bad that you have to leave your house, situations are bad. There are some things you are going to want to have with you.
Your Bug Out Bag will be as unique as you are. Have a great time putting it together. There are several thing that need to be in there but many of those activities can be found in wide range.
Food-Try to store Three days worth of food. A grownup male needs on average 2500 calories per day. 3 days is 7500 calories. Granola bars have a lot of calories and complex carbohydrates. Nuts also have a high calorie content in addition to protein. Dried fruit keeps well and it has natural sugar for energy. Canned pastas are not even close to gourmet but they're high calorie. Inside a survival situation, you would like high calorie, high fat items to make the most bang(energy) for the buck (weight).


Water-You need a half a gallon water each day to remain hydrated. 1.5 gallons water is going to weigh 12 pounds. One option is to have a half gallon and also have water purification tablets or perhaps a portable filter like the Katadyn. an inexpensive alternative is household bleach. Eight drops of bleach will sterilize one gallon of clear water or 16 drops if it is cloudy. It won’t taste great but it will keep you alive.
Multi-tool- A great multi-tool will have a knife blade, flat head, Philips head, pliers, and wire cutters. You can get a cheap one for around $10. You get that which you pay for, it will likely be cheap and could break. A Leatherman may cost over $50 and can last forever. Perhaps you are able to get a cheap one now and set the Leatherman in your Christmas list.
Knife-Even though your multi-tool includes a knife, you'll still require a good fixed blade knife. A set blade is one that doesn’t fold up. The knife is a vital element to the bug out bag and having a set blade in addition to the multi-tool means have a back up. You ought to be capable of finding a high quality one at a camping store for approximately $20.
First Aid-Band-aids, Antibiotic ointment, Hydro-cortisone, gauze, tape, tweezers, alcohol, drugs, scissors and a sewing kit are most important items for your bug out bag. Amoxicillin is available online under the label of Fishmox. It is used to treat infections in fish. It's exactly the same thing your doctor gives you a prescryption for. I am not recommending this for human consumption, however, you want your fish to become healthy if you need to bug out. Clothes- Pack a change of clothes in gallon zip lock bags to keep them dry in the event you get wet. Actually keep all things in your bug out bag in zip locks to help keep dry.
Shelter- A tent weighs a great deal and occupies a lot of room inside your bug out bag, but it will be better that going to a FEMA camp. Ask a Katrina survivor. Other option is really a tarp, but that's really roughing it.
Electronics- You will need two small bright LED flash lights, a small AM/FM radio, and extra batteries for each. A pair of 2 Way Radios provides you with an easy method of communication as well as NOAA weather alert channel.
Matches along with a lighter- you are able to water proof ordinary wood kitchen matches by dipping the tip in candle wax. This can gum your striker consider getting “strike anywhere” matches if you plan to waterproof them. magnesium fire sticks last forever and don’t take up much room in your bug out bag. A can of Sterno will be a great addition.
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