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News Aggregation: What goes around appears

12 Nov 2012 @ 16:33 CET
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It's really no secret that traditional print news is dying a sluggish or painful death. Just last month, Newsweek ended its 70 year affair with newsprint. Rumors are circulating the Guardian in the united kingdom is considering a digital-only approach to news. Other medication is trying to make cash on both print and digital by constructing pay-walls.

Because these businesses wrestle using the problems of the past, faster and leaner news sources like the Huffington Post are creating news at less expensive. This model is set to squeeze the lifestyle from the average hack, reducing both their income and potentially the caliber of the news they are able top produce.

In stark contrast, this leaner 'freelance' model is attracting thousands of «aspiring journalists», in a position to «give it a go». Citizen journalism is with an unrelenting growth trajectory since it's been free from the shackles of getting to possess a printing press along with a truck delivery network.

As a result the amount of news stories is increasing much like the amount of news outlets. This presents a unique challenge for consumers of news. Aggregators for example Google has witnessed their news site pose a real threat to national news publishers. In france they government is trying to get Google to cover linking to French news content.

Matt Drudge is reputedly 1bn (yes one BILLION) page views monthly simply by aggregating the very best of the web's news on the simple site.

And thus copy-cat sites such as kingdom has emerged use a Drudge-like service specifically to some UK audience.


After just 4 weeks of operation, Fastpages is enjoying 100,000 unique visitors per month and its twitter feed ( has 30,000 followers. Fastpages gives UK readers a «British-Agenda» on the" best-of-the-news", selecting not just the very best news stories hourly from the web, but people with a high amount of relevance to UK audiences.

Fastpages continues to be born within the digital age having a business design that doesn't require it to struggle with high cost overheads nor the need to create a paywall.

The popularity for additional stories and more sites to visit to obtain those news stories might find the necessity increase for aggregators such as Fastpages .

It gains traffic and it drives traffic to news sources. The news appears after which it is going around.

One of those «circle-of-life» kind of things where everyone benefits.