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How to Find the Best Interest Rate When Getti

30 Oct 2012 @ 22:32 CET
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The criticism is targeted at those companies offering short-term, instant loans to customers looking for a quick-fix of cash for a short period of time. But are they badly as they are thought to be?

Back along, loan sharks preyed around the vulnerable, lending considerable amounts of cash, without checking a victim's ability to re-pay and then charging extortionate amounts of interest when regular payments weren't met. Furthermore, loan sharks terrorised neighbourhoods, were often involved with illegal drug-related activities and resorted to acts of extreme violence to be able to redeem their 'investments'.

The high street pawn-broker offered little more to an individual, struggling to satisfy the demands of a financial crisis or in need of a quick injection of cash. Generally, the pawn broker would provide the customer a fraction of an item's value to make money from somebody else's poverty and despair.

bästa räntan bolån

Hire purchase schemes and mail-order catalogues offered low-income families the opportunity to buy bigger and, all on the 'never-never'. Rates of interest were over-inflated and goods were over-priced. Repayments were advertised in pence per week, making the purchase seem insignificant and affordable.

These days, underneath the scrutiny of the internet and media, modern-day lenders have to meet stringent guidelines on who they lend to, just how much they'll lend and want to create out clear and concise repayment terms, all before the customer applies for the loan. And so do pay-day loans companies finally found a method to cleanup one of the oldest professions?

bästa lånet

Lenders have to be licensed by the Office of Fair Trading. Advertising of those loan providers is scrutinised heavily by the Advertising Standards Agency and adverts will also be subject to the Consumer Credit (Advertisements) Regulations 2004. All of this, combined with a policy to be up-front with fees and loan interest rates, means that the has never been so clean or regulated.

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Many of the on-line loan companies operating today use state of the art technology to create lending quicker, simpler and more effective. Their customers can finally approach a variety of new lenders safe in the knowledge that they do not have to barter their items in exchange for a pittance of cash, won't get to be the victim of over inflated goods or hidden interest rates and will have the safe and sound knowledge their loan can be repaid inside a fixed, mutually agreed term.

But more than this, customers can finally take a loan on a short-term basis without the threat of violence or intimidation hanging them over.