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Good Solutions On Promoting A House

06 Apr 2013 @ 14:13 CET
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Results mean closing the transaction by the legal transfer of property. If your listing agent is just enjoying having their sign propped up in your yard, you need to get a new agent. One that has enough Internet exposures that they are just not sitting around hoping and praying that their one shot at success is your home selling.

For those selling a home, you will want to ask your potential listing agent a few timely questions just to get a good feel about how they conduct business. The agent will be the one you're dealing with, not their company and each agent has their own level of expertise and ability. Focus your questions on how they market your home, what cosmetic updates or conditions you need to fix in your house and how long they think it will take your home to sell, as well as looking at the numbers. Lastly, do they understand that the sale of your home is also an emotional process and how to handle it? It's important to have someone you trust and like to represent you for your home sale.

This is how the selling process works with regard to the listing agent verses the buyer agents. Unless a prospective buyer is driving by your house and is not working with an agent and place a call directly to your agent, the odds are that your house will be being shown primarily through buyer's agents. As long as you are getting a good amount of traffic to your home from all these other agents, your listing agent is doing their job marketing your home. The showings are a good indicator if your price and condition are where they need to be.

Home owners are usually pretty excited when they list their home and get a ton of showings. It starts getting old when after many weeks of showings that you, the seller, still hasn't recieved an offer. Here's the deal. If your floor plan sucks, your location is poor, or your decorating is horendous, your agent may have been able to hide it with clever photography, but the reality is that you are going to have to reduce your price to adjust for those types of short falls. Next time, you will know what type of pitfalls to look out for, this time, you're going to get bit.

Obtaining a sales contract on your property results from a balance of right pricing and aggressive marketing. Advertising an overpriced property will only serve as a validation piece for other more attractively priced properties. Buyer agents will use advertising pieces of an overpirce property to show their buyers why «x» is a better deal for their client. If your property is priced competitively, you need aggressive marketing, particularly an online presence. At which point you will get lots of showings and an offer.

As for the question of dual agency. Many listing agents will rarely show their own listings because they don't practice dual agency. Simply meaning that if they are representing the seller, they will not also represent the buyer. It presents a conflict of interest. When an unrepresented buyer calls on a listing agent, they will handle the call to a point. Best Charlotte Neighborhoods