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Auto Detailing Hint - How to Remove Cigarette

02 Nov 2012 @ 00:01 CET
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Calling all detailers electric cigarette review...if you have ever stepped into a consumers car and smelled cigarettes, money was just smelled by you (though it might have stunk a bit)! A smoker's car is easily identified the moment you open the doorway, and it's major. Unfortuitously, most smokers become accustomed to the stink inside their car. You will be doing them a favor by cleaning their vehicle out!Making money in detailing ISN'T get notice.You have to upsell (see our other articles on for additional information on this!) to make great money in detailing, and ANY reasonable chance for you to toss your customer SHOULD really be done!So, ciggies. What do you do about it?1) If your client is a large smoker,A) you better demand at LEAST $50-75 the very first time you try this )B) You better: 1) shampoo/clean ALL materials in the car (that means headliner too )2) Clean the fresh air ducts utilizing a moderate bleach solution or anti fungal spray.3) Recirculate the air system for just one hour with the solution to kill and permeate the fresh air system ENTIRELY.4) If you've any ozone machine- utilize it! But then add a delicate air freshener like Febreeze, since ozone isn't too great of a smelling product either..2) If your'e client is NOT a heavy smoker, but somehow some smoke scent got in there,A) Try as above with ONLY the fresh air duct cleansing. If the smell still is there, then continue as above until the culprit leaves nicely.Ok- so did I assist you to just create $50-$75 or what! ?? Today go upsell MORE!