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Witch Doctor - Review

31 Jan 2019 @ 21:31 CET

Good evening to all lovers of this character! #dota_dlg.WitchDoctor

About the hero:

Witch Doctor the famous voodoo sorcerer who uses poisonous banks against whole troops. This is a mad magician who has devoted most of his life to experiments, thanks to which he knows how to heal himself and his allies by sacrificing his manna. Cool King Lich could not ignore such an experienced mage as Voljin, and invited him to join the ranks of Scourge, awarding him with additional skills.

Descryption of skills and style of the game:

 #dotaheroes_dlg.paralyzingCaskParalyzing Cask (Paralysis)

WD throws a can of paralyzing powder, which jumps between enemy units, stunning them for a short period of time and causing damage. May jump on one target several times.

Number of can2/4/6/8
Stan on hero1 сек
Stan on creeps5 сек
Ability Range575
Cooldown20/18/16/14 сек
Damage typeМagic

#dotaheroes_dlg.voodooRestoration Voodoo Restoration (Voodoo Recovery)

WD Uses Voodoo Magic to heal surrounding allies. Can heal units immune to magic.
Мanacost / sec8/12/16/20
Heal / sec16/24/32/40
Range of healing500
DurationUntil WD have mana
Cooldown0 sec

#dotaheroes_dlg.maledictMaledict (A curse)

WD imposes the ancient curse of voodoo on heroes in a specified area. Affected heroes take damage for some time, in addition to receiving additional damage every 4 seconds, depending on the health curse lost since the beginning of the action.
Damage per second5/10/15/20
Additional damage for lost 100xP16/24/32/40
Range of use525
Range of working180
Duration12 сек
Cooldown20/20/20/20 сек
Damage typeМagic

And the main weapon!

#dotaheroes_dlg.deathWardDeath ward (Chamber of Death)

WD causes a deadly staff, smashing the enemy heroes. It is immortal and can only be destroyed if the duration of the action ends or the VD dies.
Range of use600
Attack range700
Projectile rebound0/0/1
Duration8 сек
Cooldown80/80/50 сек

Skill #dotaheroes_dlg.deathWard Death ward can be improved by #dotaitems_dlg.aganimAghanim’s Scepter

Projectile rebound4/4/4

 WD good for any line, easy to counter strong liners. Therefore, in mid, he will feel good. This will help us in this far caste of the camp and the range of attack. The camp needs to be thrown, when the enemy remains with one creep, then the camp will jump between them, well they will stun and throw decent damage. With the receipt of the 7th level, you can stomp gankat. Such tactics, we throw the camp, come closer and throw damage, then immediately put the staff (ult). All this is enough to easily kill the enemy hero. It is very important for this hero to have the arts that will protect our ult (#dotaitems_dlg.lothar Lothar's Edge or #dotaitems_dlg.bkb BKB  But the most important thing is to get as soon as possible #dotaitems_dlg.aganim Aghanim’s Scepter. After collecting aganim you will be the most important figure in the match.

Some advices:

iCCup I collected a lot of players under my wing, some play for fun, some for victory, each evaluates his skill himself, so as not to provoke professionals, I will not give anyone advice on how to play and will offer a pumping one I use in the game myself.

To get more faster level and be as useful as possible, I suggest roaming. well max #dotaheroes_dlg.maledict (1-3-5 lvl) and #dotaheroes_dlg.paralyzingCask (2-4 lcl) and ofcorse  #dotaheroes_dlg.deathWard (6 lvl) you shoud run around the lines and kill with the enemy team. After the ult we finish maxing Maledict #dotaheroes_dlg.maledict (7 lvl), and then #dotaheroes_dlg.paralyzingCaskParalyzing Cask (8-9 lvl), then you can do by circumstances, if you do not have enough health and mana, then upgrade abilitys +, if everything is good and the team pushes, then it will be more useful#dotaheroes_dlg.voodooRestoration Voodoo Restoration. 

Do not forget that you have a very strong ult, do not feel sorry for him in the fights.

Be tolerant of allies and merciless to the enemy!

Good luck and have fun! 

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