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Treant Protector Hero - Review

16 Feb 2019 @ 19:11 CET

About the hero:

Treant Protector is the keeper and resident of the elven forest. He's duty are to protect not only his forest, but all that exist in this world. When the guards of Scourgge invaded his forests, he defended himself and has since sought a chance to pay them off. Thanks to his skills, Roofllen is able to hide in forests, becoming completely invisible to enemies. But do not think that this is his only ability.

Roofllen very often resorts to his skills in forest ownership. If he needs to hide himself or an allied hero from the enemy, he calls for help trees that hide the target in their shadows from the enemy. While an ally is standing next to the trees — he is invisible. To see the unknown area Roofllen calls the guards. Therefore, legends say that Roofllen has a third eye.

Roofllen due to its forest capabilities is considered one of the best and most dangerous hero of the Sentinel.

When trying to catch up with the enemy, Roofllen puts roots on the enemy that entangle him immobilized, making it impossible to attack and cast spells.

Descryption of skills and style in game:

#dotaheroes_dlg.naturesGuiseNature’s Guise (Natural view)

A tree changes the appearance of a friendly unit so that it merges with the forest. A unit is invisible to opponents and gets a speed bonus, but must stay close to the trees, otherwise it will lose its disguise.

Inviz duration15/30/45/60 sec
Range375 from Trent
Cooldown10/8/6/4 sec

#dotaheroes_dlg.leechSeedLeech Seed 

The tree plants a seed into the enemy, which slows it down and takes away its vitality for a short period of time, all the allies who are nearby will be treated for the same amount of health. A total of 6 pulsations occur.

Damage / Healing by Pulse15/30/45/60
Range of use350
Affected area500
Cooldown16/14/12/10 sec
Duration4,5 sec
Slowdown 28%
Damage typeМаgic

#dotaheroes_dlg.livingArmorLiving Armor (Live protection)

The log uses the wisdom gained over the years to reduce the magical and physical resistance of their enemies.




Mag, Phys resistance

minus 40/60/80/100 %



#dotaheroes_dlg.overgrowthOvergrowth (Fast growth)

Roots and vines grow around Trent, entangling enemies and preventing them from moving, teleporting, invisible, or attacking.
Duration3/3,75/4,5 sec
Cooldown70/70/70 sec
Skill #dotaheroes_dlg.overgrowthOvergrowth can be upgraded  #dotaitems_dlg.aganimAghanim’s Scepter Another ability appears that allows you to enchant trees to spy on enemies. Eyes in the Forest 
Enchants the specified tree, enchanted tree gets the opportunity to review. If Trent uses the ultimate, enemy units will be trapped and take damage.
Mana cost100
Cooldown25 сек
Ulty cooldown175 sec

Do I need advice?:

The tactics of playing on the tree are many, and everyone thinks that his tactics are the best of all, I will offer only the way that I like. See if there are any sorts in the team, if there is someone to buy wards and kuru, then we go to the line closer to the forest. My advice is to maximize 3 and 2 skills. The biggest benefit of Trent is that you save those who are ganking on the lines, and also help to kill by making the ally act bolder. At 2 lvl, you can start farming small spawns with Leech Seed, and make stacks. At 6 lvl, you can go kill with the help of ulta. The tree has very little armor, so the tank is so-so, you need art. There are a lot of assemblies for this character, I personally try to collect the return line as soon as possible, and go into amanim. Having collected aganim this is for you and wards, and farm and keels. The main thing when playing on a tree is to follow the map, if you constantly save your allies with your heal, your team will definitely win.

Be tolerant of allies and merciless to the enemy!

Good luck have fun! 

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