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The heroine of D.Va

01 Nov 2016 @ 15:48 CET

If you are familiar with the backstory of Hannah's Dream nicknamed D.Va, then you know that the universe Overwatch she is a former KoreaKorean cybersportswoman, who played in StarCraft .With the upcoming version 3.7 update for StarCraft character will appear in the strategy itself — though not as a playable character. Hannah's Dream will become a new comment in multiplayer games. Listen to your options can be performed by Hannah on Battle.net. After the update icon instead of the 3.7 clan at your base, you can place your portrait, so that such awards in StarCraft will become even more valuable and practical. All guests BlizzCon 2016 and the owners of «virtual ticket» will have a new portrait and commentator D.Va! Below are some comments records — now in Russian. During the following weeks D.Va will join the six commenters added to the game to upgrade 3.7. D.Va— the first commentator of the universe of StarCraft! Although most players D.Vaknown as a member of Overwatch, she began her career with eSports StarCraft, becoming the best player in the world at the age of 16 years. Due to the vast experience of the game in StarCraft it is perfect for the role of commentator. We are pleased to announce that the collection of gifts for StarCraft, which will receive a BlizzCon guests and the owners of «virtual ticket» will enter a new commentator — D.Va— and in-game portrait!

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