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Return in Starcraft Brood War

15 Oct 2016 @ 18:30 CET


Jeong «Rain» Yoon Jong said that he would stop commenting on the StarCraft II tournaments and focus on StarCraft: Brood War. The plans gamer as conducting broadcasts and participate in competitions.


Jeong «Rain» Yoon Jong started his career in StarCraft: Brood War in 2009 and achieved success in Proleague. In 2012, the Korean Protoss moved to StarCraft II, where in the same year won the OGN Starleague Season 1 and WCS: Asia Finals in the team of KoreaSK Telecom T1. At the World Championships in 2012, he reached the third place. In 2014 he moved to the European team SwitzerlandmYinsanity, which included wins 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 and HomeStory Cup XI. The following year, after the operation, during which the player became a liver donor for his father, Rain finished his career. After completion of playing career, Yun Yong engaged in commenting tournaments on StarCraft II. For example, he participated in the coverage of 2016 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2 Main Event.

avatar #1 JP Weakest1 15 Oct 2016 @ 18:52 CET


avatar #2 FLAG43 Slayer_KombaT 22 Oct 2016 @ 04:39 CET

well gl to him sun.gif

avatar #3 PL NW.Kasam 07 Apr 2017 @ 13:37 CET


avatar #4 KR wjdtjdrkemr 24 Oct 2017 @ 13:35 CET

채팅 되낭?

avatar #5 CN am1ck_top1) 28 Oct 2017 @ 20:47 CET