Results of the 50th season: Part 2

07 Jun 2022 @ 12:35 CET

In the last news, we summed up the main results for the 50th season! But it's time to announce nominations within TECH, MEDIA, FORUM and CUSTOM SECTIONS!


Clearstats Arena Gladiators 1x1

There's no time for talking here! Your main task is to destroy the enemy in front of you! Here he will not have support, he will have to answer for his actions himself. Send your opponent home, let him train even better! The best cs arena 1x1 players.

EU SarIkSf]300


Players who spend their time learning deserve special attention! They are the ones who help us improve what we ourselves are unable to understand. The most deserving in this nomination are presented here!

FLAG58 Kc1150 + flag for 1 month



 One of the few people on this portal whose posts can be called the most absurd, and his humor is able to send you to the hospital until 2038. Just his appearance can drive almost the entire forum crazy!
The owner of the nomination CRANE OF THE SEASONUA mishanya1997

For his absurdity, he receives a reward of 150  and an HONORARY CRANE reward in his profile!
Honorary crane
Tried to be smart. Not fortanulo.



   Agree, it's nice to read information from a person who is well versed in theory and practice in the matter. Yes, and in disputes with opponents, he uses intelligence, not insults. And this is all about one person.
DotA Forum star this season— FLAGX19 Dagger

For his activity and the quality of the content, he is awarded 150  and an award in the PLEASE TELL ME MORE profile!

Please tell me more
A person who is not afraid of the opinion and condemnation of the public



   You will recognize him from a thousand! By the words, by the eyes, by the voice… No, we are not talking about one well-known song now. We are talking about the creative personality of our forum, whose works attract attention and break away from them — well, it's simply impossible!
Each work is interesting and you want to read it to the end.
Meet the contestant of the season  — RU zdesVse

Awarded 150  and an award in the Events profile!

Top event of the season



   The anniversary flamer of the season, which came out of the underground and thundered in the flame. Many will say that this is a YouTube agent who promotes YouTube videos on the forum, but this is part of his image. At the same time, the one who turned out to be the strongest mid player of the forum, after which he titled himself “Nostradamus!”. A person who can determine the age of a mare and her playlist on YouTube by koumiss.
We meet  — DOLLAR MansurMansurov

He gets 300 and a FIRESTARTER profile reward!

The person who registered in the flame


Custom Arena: Wars

These players are ready to stab you in the back at any moment, they are just waiting for the opportunity when you make the slightest mistake! They will not miss any opportunity that the enemy will give them! The best custom maps players!

1.EU MaaQ100

Custom Arena: Tower Defence

They have learned all the skills of the art of defense! Their intelligence is beyond imagination! Any creature that falls into their possession knows that they are going to die and they have no chance of survival!

Random Farm TD
1.UA  Rozemdaun-225
3.TL  lycas175
4.KZ  GoSexTraxex175
5.USSR  (aRt1x-150


Custom Arena: Other

Worthy players who actively participated in the custom arena other will also not be left without our attention. Let's single out those who showed themselves from the best side!

Are You Lucker?

1.FLAGIR21  -2150
3.RU  AHqpuTaMuH.75


Custom Arena: Gladiators

Their world is special, they know everything! It is unusual for them to make mistakes, only by fighting between the strongest they are able to move on and conquer new peaks on the way to success!

Gladiators 50-season

1.FLAGIR34  teddy-200
2.WFLAGJ1 podzaebalo200
3.BR  ©Merch50
5.--  Funny_[gamer]50
6.FLAG58  Waxaexciting50

Active Players 50-season

2.PIRATE  PawFaceControl50
3.UZ  Bilol50


Custom Closed Games

Summing up the results of the Custom Games of the 50th season, we would like to congratulate our “strongest” players who made their way to the top of the results through blood and sweat. For the whole season, they achieved their goal, strived to the very top, showing their potential and high skill. Introducing the TOP 5 Custom Closed Game's players from Custom Maps, congratulations!

1.RU  TeMHbIu.JIoToC

500image + for the season + image

2.FLAG50  Marishka400 image
3.USSR  exclusieve-_-300 image
4.FLAGIR34  TBT_NAVOI200 image
5.UZ  Bek100 image

Custom Closed Games: Wave

This is a separate world. Our favorite indoor games are the atmosphere where the whole Custom Maps family comes together, where everyone knows each other and there is little to be surprised about. Discord gatherings and games with streams are what distinguishes Custom Closed Games Wave from Custom Closed Games. They also have their own top

1.UZ  QORA-BANAN100 image + imagefor the season
2.AE  Deminov75 image
3.RU  TeMHbIu.JIoToC50 image


Custom Tournaments

The best players who showed their skills in custom tournaments are rightfully called the winners of this nomination!

1.image  Podzaebalo 500 image+ Title
°Champion of Custom Tournaments°
for the season
2.image  (aRt1x-400 image
3.image TeMHbIu.JIoToC300 image
4.image  second200 image
5.image  Holop_100 image



Champions 5x5

The strongest fought with each other for the right to be at the top of this nomination. It's time to present the teams that were able to show the best game and have won the right to be called the best of the best!

 First place
EU  NeverBackDown300 image
CLASSIC70  Veteranseksa300 image
USSR LegendsOFpain300 image
USSR  (tbo9_cmeptb)300 image
BY  Kokca300 image
Second place
FL1J  [InDI]200 image
UA  dedzefir200 image
RU  Daito._.200 image
NL  Vosje_RuLLeZ200 image
Third place
SM  Alucard100 image
JM  funkmastermma100 image
CLASSIC_32  EmberSp1rit100 image
RU  koncha666100 image
FL1J  5-ka100 image


Champions 1x1

They are the ones who terrify, at the sight of them, the opponents' hands begin to shake! But when war is inevitable and they clash, the real battle for survival begins! Each of them is able to discourage his enemy! The best fighters of the last season!

1.CLASSIC_40  Onemore300 image
2.FLAG7  Xqs200 image
3.UZ  UZ100 image


All participants in the league during the game week must play 15 games, at the end of the game week, they will be determined by the points of the top 10 players, of which 1 and 2 places are 2 captains who will recruit a team according to the 1-2-2-1 system, after which a series of bo5 games is held, the winning team takes the cash prize.

 First place
USSR LegendsOFpain400 image
USSR  (tbo9_cmeptb)400 image
BY  kapone.400 image
FLAG2  reging_dragon400 image
FLAGX19  ZloY_Pr[A]-_-400 image
Second place
EU  NeverBackDown200 image
BY  Kokca200 image
EU  beda....200 image
MY  nothing.200 image
CLASSIC_32  TokyoS200 image



Each participant for a game week (from Monday to Friday) will have to play a maximum of 18 games, if you have not played 18 games you will not be able to be a captain, but you can be counted by points in the top, by points rating 1, 2, 3, 4 places will be captains and at the same time they will immediately receive a cash prize depending on the place taken, the remaining cash prize will be played, among 4 teams, 1, 2, 3, 4 places will be 4 captains who will pick players from the top 20.

 First place
FLAGX15 Colapse300 image
CLASSIC70  Veteranseksa300 image
NU  vasia555300 image
EU  NeverBackDown300 image
EU  A.Nazarov300 image
Second place
CLASSIC_35  fAke-200 image
DE  kuba.200 image
KR  -_-(rin200 image
EU  Dread200 image
Third place
USSR  (tbo9_cmeptb)100 image
FLAGX19  ZloY_Pr[A]-_-100 image
FLAG2  reging_dragon100 image
MX  Noenaly100 image
TK  JustKeep100 image


Each participant must play at least 20 games during the league (2 weeks) in order for him to start counting in the win rate table, there is no maximum games, after 20 games you decide whether you want to play or not. 1st and 2nd place will become captains (at the same time they will immediately receive a cash prize) and will pick out players from the top 10 for the bo5 series on cm mod (for a cash prize). The league itself will take place on SD mode and at the same time, swapping heroes is prohibited. The distribution of commands on the host will be determined by / sp (3 times)


 First place
DE  kuba.400 image
NU  vasia555400 image
EU  Dread400 image
US  -YaWaR-400 image
Second place
CLASSIC70  Veteranseksa200 image
UA  qwe_123200 image
BY  Kokca200 image
FLAGX27  RequiemAranea200 image
RU  troll2012200 image

On this wonderful note, we finish summing up the outgoing 50th season! Be healthy, and less crabs and livers in your team! Quick games and easy pts!

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