Results of the 50th season : Part 1

06 Jun 2022 @ 15:00 CET

So our wonderful, blooming spring time has come to an end, and summer has come, sultry and so joyful. When it comes, we rejoice in the warmth, the really hot sun, green grass, and most importantly, it's time for the holidays! How time flies… Together with spring, our 50th season ended! The platform has prepared a couple of nominations for you and determined several winners in them!



Let's start with the most interesting — the most popular heroes! It was with these characters that our professionals annihilated the ladder! Well, or they leaked ice rinks to someone… Let's get acquainted with our favorites on the map 6.85

PlaceHeroPercent (%)
1.   Butcher 37.50
2.#dota_dlg.Earthshaker Earthshaker 33.26
3.#dota_dlg.Spiritbreaker Spiritbreaker 29.11
4.#dota_dlg.PhantomAssassin Phantom Assassin25.39
5.#dota_dlg.DwarvenSniper Dwarven Sniper 25.22
6.#dota_dlg.StoneGiant Stone Giant24.85
7.  Invoker24.24
8.  Necrolyte23.22
9.  Legion Commander23.02
10.  Ogre Magi22.95

In turn, we note a small, but quite tangible position of the most sought-after heroes, who were «punished» by pubs and not only by our valiant users. We hope that next season the indicators will change, as well as the heroes


PlaceHeroPercent (%)
1.  Butcher 51.06
2.#dota_dlg.Earthshaker Earthshaker 43.74
3.#dota_dlg.Spiritbreaker Spiritbreaker 34.62
4.#dota_dlg.DwarvenSniper Dwarven Sniper 30.97
5.#dota_dlg.Murloc  Murloc Nightcrawler29.14
6.#dota_dlg.PhantomAssassin Phantom Assassin27.07
7.  Slayer26.42
8.#dota_dlg.StoneGiant Stone Giant25.77
9.  Lord of Olympia23.03
10.  Necrolyte22.04



He can't tell himself enough is enough. Its main motto is — don't start and don't give up. We wish him success in achieving his goal and celebrate the most selfless fighter of the outgoing season!
Our GAMER OF THE SEASON is— RU DnisheKotelka! It was he who played 1293 games and spent as much as 891 hours 41 minutes 01 seconds on all this! Would you be able to?
We hope that at least this season he will get enough sleep and we reward him with 100  ! For strong nerves and sleepless nights!



If we consider the chances of survival success for creeps, then they are negligible. After all, they understand that their time will come soon and they can only hide in order to prolong the time of their miserable existence!
The robber of our forests and part-time FARMER of the SEASON becomes — UA Sreba88! It turns out that 96320 creeps died for the sake of a higher goal!
We don’t know if you were able to farm the coveted items, but we give you 100  for krypchiks!


The one who knows a lot about this game! The main task is the destruction of knowledge, apparently he always dreamed of being a bomber, because there were no buildings left that he had not yet managed to blow up!
Congratulations player RU XEN_sf) with a well-deserved victory in this category.
He destroyed more than 1327 towers and received 100  rewards!


This man will never go unnoticed! He is the one who will leave his mark on the history of our platform! It's like a «pig in a poke», one can only hope that you will not be awarded this prize! The owner of the main title CRAB SEASON becomes — KG nurs312!
Our “hero”, if you can call him that, with statistics of 297 wins — 480 losses in 777 games and 1 pts did not conquer the rings, but we hope that this is just a series of failures and give him 100 motivations in the new season! Hold on, buddy!


These players taste blood wherever the enemy hides. They do not stop there and constantly hone their skills. All attention is focused on them, because they are the best! So, meet our best 5x5 players:

TK JustKeep2500 199/13328589
Ot1ck2000 311/22726179
UZ WODOTA-by-AMAL1500 294/22125522
FLAGX15 Colapse1000 165/12424996
UZ Rema_na_sfe800 282/22524859
UZ Saman500 240/17524177
EU FUNNY500 268/21123476
USSR LegendsOFpain500 99/6923256
AM Candy500 263/21123116
CLASSIC_42 MANYAK500 321/24923079



The ability of one player is not enough to win. Playing in a team and feeling the support of your partners, you become capable of much more! Each is part of the whole. This was proved to us by the best teams of the past season!

Team nameReward RankGlasses
UA Eclipse7000 24499
EU All-seeing5000 23352
EU Black4000 22582
ES SAMARKAND3000 21378
UZ SAMARKAND21500 18590
EU Andrey-_-1000 17090
-- SAMARKAND31000 16253
UZ SAMARKAND41000 16083
UZ SAMARKAND51000 15889



Here you will need all the best qualities of a real player. Individual skill and colossal experience, the ability to achieve victory alone is a very serious task. Your attention is presented to those who were able to step over themselves and accomplish the almost impossible. The best xltb mod players are presented to your attention!

KG Bot_3331300 40
UZ [S]un[S]trike250 36
UZ Fergana4825295200 30
RU xounce150 26
EU USER234951384150 26


We summed up the main results for the 50th season! We congratulate all the winners and wish them success in the new, 51st season! Nominations within TECH, MEDIA, FORUM and CUSTOM SECTIONS will be summed up and published soon!

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