Ranking system change

30 Dec 2021 @ 20:17 CET

First stage of changes in the rank system should only comcern the top players, gamers with exceptional skill and unbelievable consistency.

TOP players

For a few years now, at the end of each season we have been seeing a repeating pattern — people with ultimate ranks are appearing at the top, then another dozen joins them. It all ends with about a hundred people with “rings”. This is not the way it is supposed to be. 


Ranks are supposed to show the real game level of a player. Some people might say that the rank itself does not matter as much, as you cannot evaluate your skill using points and numbers. And the statement is partially true, as despite how skillful a player is, if they play only a handful amount of games, they will not be able to climb much.

However, ranks bring with themselves quite a number of factors that show the amount of games played, wins and losses. A display of skill and consistency of games. A way to quickly estimate player’s level. There might still be some exceptions, but this is the best solution we have at the moment.

New ranks 

With the old system top players by the end of each season are grouped up in a one big pool of proud owners of the Ultimate rank. But there is no way to tell who is the real deal and who had some skill and just got in by the sheer amount of games played. And we know for sure, there is a huge skill difference between the ones that are remarkable players and those who only grind non-stop.

To solve the problem with oversaturation in the TOP we have implemented a new «S» rank and its variants S- / S / S+. This is how it is looks like points wise:

15 000 points+100 for a win / -160 for a defeat 
20 000 points+100 for a win / -160 for a defeat  
25 000 points+100 for a win / -160 for a defeat  
30 000 points+100 for a win / -160 for a defeat 

And this is how the whole S rank looks like:

If the enemy is 2 ranks above-90 points
If the enemy is 1 rank above-125 points
Same rank-160 points
If the enemy is 1 rank below-195 points
If the enemy is 2 ranks below-230 points
If the enemy is 3 ranks below-265 points
If the enemy is 4+ ranks below-290 points

This is the A rank for comparison:

If the enemy is 2 ranks above-80 points
If the enemy is 1 rank above-110 points
Same rank-140 points
If the enemy is 1 rank below-170 points
If the enemy is 2 ranks below-200 points
If the enemy is 3 ranks below-230 points
If the enemy is 4+ ranks below-260 points

New ranks allow for more precise distribution of players across levels. Now everyone would be able to see their personal growth and real skill of other top players.

New rings

Ultimate rank is supposed to highlight exceptional players that have managed to reach it. To make it happen we are brining new «Rings».

The amount of points needed to reach Ultimate rank has risen drastically. We have also updated how it looks.

15 000 pointsOld requirements and looks
30 000 pointsNew requirements and looks

To anyone that has already gotten their rings, they will stay in history with the old icon. The new ones look slightly different so that players can tell them apart.

Good luck in reaching the top, folks!

avatar #1 HR ICCup.Fire-_- 01 Jan 2022 @ 13:44 CET

Very nice an much needed change. Support!

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but, but, but. still not working

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Что значит +100 - 160?

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так точно

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Я не нацист ,но тем не менее теперь у уз игроков новая мАтивация)) они сутками итак сидели

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