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Nerif - The Oracle

23 Nov 2018 @ 05:36 CET

Good afternoon, dear readers. Today we want to bring to your attention a review on the character #dota_dlg.OracleOracle. So let's start! :)


Units can touch the strings of fate, even without seeing why they are. Destiny for #dota_dlg.OracleOracle has always been a burden. Since childhood, he was prepared for this sacred role: to be an Oracle, predicting the fate of those who are worthy. #dota_dlg.OracleNerif never wanted to be indifferent, like many of his tribe. Using his gift, he betrayed fate and, where necessary, cut it off. Inevitably his abilities will lead him to the battlefield and he, ready to cut short the lives of some, so that others may live, foresaw this.

S k i l l s

#dotaheroes_dlg.fortunesEndFortune's End - The star sphere is bursting with power, and clean energy is pulled out, temporarily breaking the enemy's connection with his own body.

Gathers the power of the hero in the charge of burning energy, which imposes a stupor on the target and the enemies around it, causes damage to them and removes positive effects from them. If the target is an ally, the ability will only dispel negative effects. The duration of the stupor of enemies is equal to the time of application of the ability — up to 2.5 seconds.

• Damage: 90/120/150/180. Recharge: 15/12/9/6 second. 

• Requires mana: 130.


• If the target of the spell is chosen as an ally, then the effect of the ability will still apply to nearby enemies. An ally will only be dispelled. You can also apply on the owner's ability.

• Always removes effect #dotaheroes_dlg.fatesEdictFate's Edict with affected targets.

#dotaheroes_dlg.fatesEdictFate's Edict - The unbreakable prophecy says: may magic not be the source of suffering for a chosen ally. As for the other sufferings...

Fills the goal with happiness, disarming it and giving the resistance to magic in 100%. Can be used both on allies and on enemies.

• Duration: 3/4/5/6 second. Recharge: 12 second.

• Requires mana: 50.


• Applies neutralization to the target and makes its magic resistance equal to 100%.

• #dotaheroes_dlg.fatesEdictFate's Edict always applies a debuff to the target, whether it is an enemy or an ally.

 Purifying Flames - As the mirrored halls can amplify the light of one candle, so the broken walls of the universe can turn the light of prophecy into a burning torch.

It burns up all the contamination of the target, inflicting enormous damage on it, and then eventually restores its vitality. The amount of restored health more damage. Can be used both on allies and on enemies.

• Damage: 90/180/270/360. Treatment: 11/22/33/44 in second.

• Duration treatment: 9 second.

• Recharge: 2.25 second. Requires mana: 50/60/70/80.


• When used, damage is dealt instantly, then periodic treatment is effective. Damage can kill enemies, but not allies.

• Treats with an interval of 1 second after 1 second after application, triggering 9 times.

• It can cure up to 99/198/297/396 health units (9/18/27/36, if we take into account the basic damage (before resistance is taken into account) for use.

#dotaheroes_dlg.falsePromiseFalse Promise - False prophets and enemies are often mistaken in their predictions.

Delays the fate of an ally, postponing any treatment and taking damage until the end of this ability. Any treatment applied during the duration of this ability doubles. When applied removes from the goal of most of the negative effects.

• Duration: 6/7/8 second. Recharge: 80/60/40.

• Requires mana: 200.


• When used, applies a strong dispel to the target. Can be applied to illusions and creep heroes.

• #dotaheroes_dlg.falsePromiseFalse Promise completely negates the damage after taking into account all the resistances, preventing the effects of reacting to the damage.

• Have #dotaheroes_dlg.falsePromiseFalse Promise the second priority in the group of spells that deny damage. Also the ability negates the effects of treatment.

A d v i c e s

• All Oracle spells blend beautifully together.

• All damage from  Purifying Flames is blocked by 100%magic resistance from #dotaheroes_dlg.fatesEdictFate's Edict, making this ability an excellent source of healing for allies.

• The combination of #dotaheroes_dlg.falsePromiseFalse Promise#dotaheroes_dlg.fatesEdictFate's Edict and  Purifying Flames abilities on one ally will cure him in total health by198/396/594/792 after completing #dotaheroes_dlg.falsePromiseFalse Promise, which will be applied by our program, in some program, by part of his health.

• Ability to #dotaheroes_dlg.fatesEdictFate's Edict in combination with #dotaitems_dlg.ghostscepeterGhost Scepter#dotaitems_dlg.etherealEthereal Blade or  #dota_dlg.OblivionPugna #dotaheroes_dlg.decrepifyDecrepify by using the ability. Thus, only pure damage spells will inflict damage on her.

T i p s  f o r  b e g i n n e r s

• Bearing in mind that #dota_dlg.OracleOracle has the highest attack speed in the game, the items that increase the attack speed have an increased efficiency on it. However, due to the specific character of the hero, collecting such items exclusively for him is not effective, but some can be useful in certain game situations, synergizing with his abilities: #dotaitems_dlg.etherealEthereal Blade#dotaitems_dlg.maskmadnessMask of Madness#dotaitems_dlg.orchidOrchid Malevolence#dotaitems_dlg.mjollnirMjollnir#dotaitems_dlg.skadiEye of Skady.

B A l a n c e


• Created.  


#dotaheroes_dlg.falsePromiseFalse Promise

• Reduced the casting range from 1500 to 1000.

• Increased mana requirement from 100 to 200.


• Increased the cost of  Purifying Flames magic from 30/45/60/75 to 55/70/85/100.


#dotaheroes_dlg.fortunesEndFortune's End 

• No longer has a 0.3 second pronunciation time.

• Increased cast range from 650 to850.

• Increased radius from 215 to 300.

• Fixed damage: from 75/150/225/300 to 90/120/150/180.

• Fixed recovery time from 12 to 15/12/9/6.

#dotaheroes_dlg.fatesEdictFate's Edict

• No longer increases non-magic damage by 50%.

• Now dissipated by any scattering, not just #dotaheroes_dlg.fortunesEndFortune's End.

• Reduced   Purifying Flames recovery time from 2.5 to 2.25.

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Hope you like it! Have a nice day, cheers! :))


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