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Interview with kapone.

28 Jan 2019 @ 21:35 CET

Interview with the leader of the clan RDTB, Artem «kapone.» Sergeyevich, one of the oldest players on our platform, a streamer and captain of the RDTB team, conquering IDL.

iCCup.Liberty-: Hello, please introduce yourself and tell  about yourself.

kapone.: Hai, Artyom Sergeevich))) I am born in 1990 I live in the city of Minsk.

iCCup.Liberty-: How did you get into computer sports and what was your first game?)

kapone.: In a couple of stops from the house there was a computer club where we went to the whole gang from the area. There we played CS 1.6 on the Forfan grid))) And then the DotA appeared and everything began to spit in it, half a year passed and I was taken to the team of this computer club KATANA (k29), the Legendary Team with legendary heros, Quakers, Google to help in short) I don’t remember much of the first game, but the first champion

iCCup.Liberty-: -  Wow, powerfully) Let's go further about iDL), Was it easy to qualify?

kapone.: Nothing can easily be given a priori, we won the game with mega-creeps in the semifinals))) And the squad was not going to play, but we are going in the right direction, we support someone, we must scold someone (Vegas))))))

iCCup.Liberty-: — Which game in the iDL group stage was difficult?

kapone.: I would not say that we had super complex games… Rather, they just all were complex, but we passed them without any problems, I hope this will continue further))

iCCup.Liberty-: - How do you and the team prepare for the upcoming game? Are you training or? :)

kapone.: We play High-TB and that's it! Well, or I came, I saw, I won: D

iCCup.Liberty-: For some reason I thought so))

— Which team do you think is the favorite of this iDL'a? (You can not call yourself: D)

kapone.: Well: PULSAR, .Eldos, solamider, kuda. and zeri

iCCup.Liberty-: —Thank you for the interview, we wish you good luck in the games on the iDL and personal life. What would you like to say lastly? 

kapone.: Thanks to you)) All the best,  I send my regards to Rygor GRUSH Vargas and Octane))

iCCup.Liberty-: Thanks again! :)

Such an easy and not forced conversation was with one of the potential winners of our tournament. We wish good luck to Artem and thank him and his team for being with us!

avatar #1 HR iCCup.croboss 28 Jan 2019 @ 23:54 CET

Hope you like it! :)


avatar #2 TT Hs-.-Newbee 30 Jan 2019 @ 23:26 CET

admin nixua ne ponel pervidite ples

avatar #3 HR iCCup.croboss 31 Jan 2019 @ 11:02 CET

Dear @Hs-.-Newbee there is RU version of interview also! :)

avatar #4 FR Diyor123 02 Feb 2019 @ 19:15 CET

I saw him first in 19th season. Oh he is still here

avatar #5 CA W-.-WDarkMiss 08 Mar 2019 @ 18:57 CET

зачем на англ? я более чем уверен его уровень английского даже не средний , какая то показуха.