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Interview with iCCup.Lonely

23 Nov 2018 @ 05:22 CET

Hello, what is your name and how old are you, where do you live and what are you doing for living?

Hello, my name is Dauren, 24 years old) I live with my parents, I do nothing, monotony, work-home-work 

How long have you been on this platform? Why would you ever thought to become a moderator, called may?

On the platform quite a bit, here on the forum quite accidentally turned out, as they say, went for bread and jumped. So I saw a set out of the corner of my eye. I created this account for a very long time, but I almost did not log in from it. That's actually the set. 

The same theme

How do you feel about the last changes? Do you like the 85th map?

Well, Its neutral. I play rarely  DotA

Any suggestions you may have for a new map?

There were many complaints from users about the landscape itself. I think the most important thing is that the map is playable, the rest will be fixed! Well, I hope so)

Do you have friends on this platform, (maybe you name a couple of nicknames)?

Friend? Wrong question, as for me. How can I be friends with people on the Internet) when, apart from the platform, nothing unites us? With all I try to find a common language, be it a simple user, be it an admin. If there is something to help, and this is in my abilities, at least with advice, I will help, I will explain) I always found a common language. Well, there are people who know me in life, but there is no sense to list them, but I would notice only one person who from the first days of my life, who fully supports and advises with help, is Leha aka Barnaji ofk (not lemon, This is true). The man who believed in me, and always pulled to him. Not to mention it is a sin for me.

Thank you all. with no exceptions! Everything is good in its own way. Without sarcasm, yes, cursing, scolding, listening. But the fact that I am here and I am with you. I don’t want to deprive anyone, there are enough good administrators here, only everyone thinks differently. I would enumerate everyone who is really worthy, not only there managerial positions, but also ordinary privates, and in general, there are plenty of excellent users here. But, I will do it in another thread) (if I leave ofc)

Name the top 3 players and streamers on this platform, in your opinion (if any)

I do not watch the top and do not watch the stream. Ponik, probably,  But Misha would give bot3. Sonya 1x1 play good rolls and so, if you believe the statistics, then




Why did you decide to leave the flame section (a question that interests many)?

Flame section is long gone, it was disbanded. And I left the forum, because, let's say, I couldn’t contribute anything from myself, but to sit where I don’t have any benefit, so this is the idea) I am where I can. And to sit just sit on my butt not in my style (I don’t chase after posts and any other nonsense). It's simple.

What are your goals on this platform for the future?

Goals, goals as for me in life (in the life) should be, but not here. I can help, in that I will do everything in my power, and I can offer such a weighty platform for myself, except for sweat) I can do nothing, alas, it is a fact. Well, I mean, I’m not a programmer or some kind of web designer, I’m just an ordinary fighter who will do what I’m doing) No more, no less.

Thank you for your time) Are there people you would like to contact on this platform? Or maybe wish all the players of the platform as a whole?

Well, I can offer only one, maybe even a call for higher posts: do everything for the players, all the comfort, all the amenities for our dear users. A lot of things depend on us, the future and the current position of the platform. Something like this)

And yes, of course, I wish everyone first of all the health, the health of your loved ones.

The rest is not so important, if you wish, you can achieve everything) (yes, I'm naive)

Good luck to all.

So, from myself I would like to add that after this interview I really (probably) found out about Lonely, that he is not so bad as a man, I hope that all his haters (if there are such) will understand this too.