iCCup Shop: Update

22 May 2022 @ 10:05 CET

In the updated store of the International Cyber Cup platform, the following innovations are waiting for you

• New flags

• New emoticons

• Priority of requests in the Help Center
New flags

For a very long time, no new custom flags were added to the store. Now it's time to fix it! New unique flags have been added, which can be purchased by any user of the platform with the «Change of Flag» service!

New emoticons

Many of you are pretty tired of the same type of emoticons, which have not been updated for many years. Yes, some of you received New Year emoticons from the «Chest of Luck» service, but you must admit, this is not at all...

We are happy to announce the addition of new emoji to the forum post editor!

And now, when purchasing the “PRO Account” service, each user has access to new unique emoticons, which will be replenished following the trends!

Priority requests in the Help Center

Sometimes you ask yourself: “Why is my application being considered for so long?”, “I bought the “I am Elite!” service, but what is the use of it?”...
We inform you that all users who have purchased the service «I Elite!» will have the highest priority in considering applications in the Support Center. This means that your application will be considered out of turn, regardless of the number of applications created.

avatar #1 US Stevenevils 22 May 2022 @ 21:00 CET

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