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History of deleted Artifacts

22 Nov 2018 @ 14:36 CET

Over the long history of DotA, artifacts were constantly added to the game. But some of them for various reasons removed. We will tell you why the first versions of Arkan and Linkin disappeared from the game, wich items show inviz objects, heros without centerrays and Gems, and what used to replace Radiance and Battle Fury.


In the third version of DotA Allstars there were no precast items yet. But there were those whose value and functionality were comparable to them. Such things were sold at the observatory and at the Iron Golem.

The detection effect worked on the specified area for 5 seconds.

One of them — Crystal Ball — was needed for balance. The fact is that there have already been invisible heroes in versions 3.xx, but #dotaitems_dlg.gemGem of True Sight#dotaitems_dlg.ward2Sentry Ward or something else capable of detecting them is not. Crystal Ball allowed to find them. He worked on the principle #dotaitems_dlg.dustDust of Appearance  — when using by area, all invisible units appeared in it. True, it cost 2 thousand gold, and it took a lot of time and farming. When  #dotaitems_dlg.ward2Sentry and #dotaitems_dlg.wardObserver Wards appeared in version 4.00, the need for a Crystal Ball disappeared, and it was removed from the game.


Artifact, which costs 5 thousand gold, but gives almost nothing.

The most expensive new item in DotA Allstars 3.xx was the Amulet of Spell Shield — something like the analogue of the modern #dotaitems_dlg.linkenLinken Sphere. Like the Crystal Ball, did not give any additional characteristics, but only blocked any spell used by the owner every 40 seconds. Given its huge cost — 5 thousand gold — it could not be considered a good purchase. It was much better to buy items that add attributes, and increase health, damage and armor. The artifact was removed in version 4.00, when prefabricated items appeared.


In the third version of DotA, Doom Mantle also looked more useful for 1.9 thousand gold. For his relatively low price, he gave the owner 21 damage, 5 armor and a passive ability that burned all nearby units and inflicted 12 damage per second. Heroes with melee attack range also received a splash. It was a perfect farm artifact that combines the functions of the modern #dotaitems_dlg.radianceRadiance and #dotaitems_dlg.battlefuryBattle Fury. The damage from burning was inflicted only at close range, so the heroes with a long-range attack, he did not fit.

With #dotaitems_dlg.vladimirDoom Mantle in the hero's inventory was surrounded by a green aura

From version 4.00, Doom Mantle has been replaced with Demonic Blade. He was going from #dotaitems_dlg.voidstoneVoid Stone and #dotaitems_dlg.demonedgeDemon Edge and was worth 2.7 thousand gold. Demonic Blade gave the owner 40 damage, 125% of mana regeneration and the same effect of burning nearby enemies with 12 damage per second. Instead of splash damage, a mana regeneration was given, allowing more frequent use of creep kills. Apparently, the developers wanted to increase its relevance for the heroes with a long-range attack, but the burning still worked only close. From a very useful farm artifact, it turned into an incomprehensible thing. When they released version5.40,  #dotaitems_dlg.radianceRadiance and #dotaitems_dlg.battlefuryBattle Fury were added instead.


As you know, in "DotA" the bonus to the speed of movement of two shoes and their improvements does not add up. But in DotA Allstars 4.xx there was an artifact that did not fall under this rule — Shedd’s Cleaver. He was going from  #dotaitems_dlg.bootsBoots of Speed#dotaitems_dlg.recipeUpgrader (a universal recipe for 1.5 thousand gold) and #dotaitems_dlg.bladesofattackClaws of Attack and gave 15% to the speed of movement of the hero and the closest allies, +5% to the speed of the hero and the closest allies, +5% to the speed of movement and nearest allies, to the hero and the nearest allies, plus +5 to all attributes. For a total price of 2 thousand gold, this was quite a lot. The speed bonus was added to #dotaitems_dlg.bootsBoots of Speed#dotaitems_dlg.ptPower Treads or #dotaitems_dlg.bootsoftravelBoots of Travel.

So Shredd's Cleaver and #dotaitems_dlg.bootsoftravelBoots of Travel the hero was worn on the map almost like the Haste rune

Shedd’s Cleaver gave a percentage of movement speed, and therefore could not compensate for the lack of a regular boot or its improvements. He gave the hero himself not so much, as, for example, #dotaitems_dlg.sayaSange and Yasha. But for little money, he significantly strengthened the whole team. In version 5.40, it was removed from the game — the developers decided that the artifact, which constantly increases the speed of running around, is too strong.


Devil’s Will, an artifact for 4 thousand gold, collected from  #dotaitems_dlg.recipeUpgrader#dotaitems_dlg.demonedgeDemon Edge and #dotaitems_dlg.ringofhealthRing of Health, enjoyed great demand in DotA Allstars 4.xx. The hero received 40 damage, an additional 5 health regeneration per second, and an active ability that killed an enemy or friendly unit of the race to undeath and restore the owner's health and mana.

It would seem that the perfect artifact at any stage of the game, but he had one flaw. The fact is that the creeps of the undead were in Darkness — and this caused an imbalance. It turned out that the heroes of Light using Devil’s Will were given gold and experience, and the characters of Darkness did not receive anything. Why it was impossible to do so that it was possible to kill any friendly or enemy creep — is unknown.

Devil's Will only worked for Creeps of Darkness, regardless of the side you play for.

Devil’s Will’s active skill was nothing more than a copy ofDeath Knight’s Death Knight from classic WCIII. In version 5.40, it was removed from the game.


Another artifact with an active ability added to DotA Allstars 4.00 was #dotaitems_dlg.butterflyAssassin’s Blade. He was going from the Spider Queen’s Blade (a remote artifact for 750 gold, giving +3 to all indicators and a poisonous attack),  #dotaitems_dlg.bladesofattackBlades of Attack and #dotaitems_dlg.recipeUpgrader. The total cost was 2.2 thousand gold.

Lower Satyr Under the Effect of Assassin's Blade

Assassin’s Blade had four charges that, when used on an enemy unit, chained him into the net and prevented him from moving. He could attack and use spells. In addition, Assassin’s Blade gave a passive poisonous attack — slowing down and periodic damage to the enemy after the strike, 12 damage and 3 units of strength, dexterity and intelligence. The artifact was very useful, but the four charges went away very quickly, and after that he lost most of his functionality. New grids could be obtained only with the purchase of the new Assassin’s Blade. As in the previous cases, it was removed in version 5.40.


In DotA Allstars 6.00, the fourth collection store appeared, adding 11 more artifacts. One of them was Linken’s Mirror Shield — one of the most powerful items for its price in the history of the game. He was from  #dotaitems_dlg.stoutshieldStout Shield#dotaitems_dlg.cloakPlaneswalker’s Cloak and #dotaitems_dlg.energyboosterEnergy Booster  — the total cost was 2 thousand gold. The hero received a 20% chance to block 40 physical damage, 250 mana, 15% magic resistance, and 25% return magic damage.

Linken's Mirror Shield from the enemy — a real nightmare for magicians

Linken’s Mirror Shield was unbalanced. Magicians suffered very strongly against him — not only did your abilities become weaker, so also part of the damage comes back. Most magicians have a small margin of safety, and this was critical. In version 6.09, it was remade into the now familiar #dotaitems_dlg.linkenLinken’s Sphere, only with a recharge of 120 seconds.


In patch 6.33, the fifth store was added to DotA Allstars, but for five patches there was only one artifact in it — #dotaitems_dlg.vgVanguard. In update 6.38, developers added four items at once, among which was the Arcane Ring. For 1.7 thousand gold from  #dotaitems_dlg.ringofprotectRing of Protection#dotaitems_dlg.energyboosterEnergy Booster and #dotaitems_dlg.reciperecipe the hero received 300 mana, 3 armor and the ability to restore 135 mana to himself and nearby allies every 30 seconds.

The same Arcanе, only universal

The subject was very good and suited any hero who needed mana. But in patch 6.68, the developers decided to remake it in  #dotaitems_dlg.arcaneArcane Boots, which are still there. The fact is that at that time  #dotaitems_dlg.ptPower Treads was collected from #dotaitems_dlg.reciperecipe,  #dotaitems_dlg.glovesofhasteGloves of Haste and #dotaitems_dlg.bootsBoots of Speed ​​and did not give additional characteristics. Therefore, the heroes on the mind did not have a useful boot for them at the beginning of the game. The developers decided to remake the Arcane Ring in #dotaitems_dlg.arcaneArcane Boots and fix two problems at once. First, a boot for magicians appeared, and second, an artifact for instant recovery of mana, which was suitable for all heroes, was gone. And this made the players use their abilities only for the intended purpose, and not to constantly spam them.

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