Rikimaru - Review

23 Mar 2019 @ 14:21 CET

About the hero:

Since birth, Rikimaru grew up as the main heir of its kind. He was surrounded by the best mentors of his race. But once the village was attacked by the Fire Legion, which tried to destroy all life in their lands, and a kind of curse was imposed on its kind, turning all into foolish creatures. Only Rikimaru managed to escape, hiding deep in the forest, he began to come up with a plan for revenge. Every day while training in the forest, Rikimaru tried to achieve the highest skill. He was a small creature that helped him very well in battle. He could lead secretive fights throwing fog at the enemy, and running away after a while to hide again. Someone says that he is not fighting honestly, but in order to protect the forest and the victory of the Sentinel’ov he is ready for any tricks.

Descryption of skills and style of the game:

#dotaheroes_dlg.smokeScreenSmoke Screen 
Ricky throws a smoke bomb that prevents enemies from using spells, as well as slows them down and couses them miss. 
Chanse of miss40/50/60/70%
Attack and run speed-25%
Range of use550%
Duration6 сек
Cooldown11/11/11/11 sec
Type of abilityActive
#dotaheroes_dlg.permanentInvisibility Permanent Invisibility 
Ricky is hidden in the shadows until they attack. In the state of invisibility and restored health. Ricky can use items and spells.
Invisibility time8/6/4/2 sec
Regen life4/5/6/7 /sec
Type of abilityPassive
Ricky is not afraid to use «dirty» tricks in a fight and specializes in backstabs. It does not work for illusions. Additional damage can not dodge.
Agi Damageх 0,5/0,75/1/1,25
Damage typePhysical
Type of abilityPassive
#dotaheroes_dlg.blinkStrikeBlink Strike 
Ricky is teleported behind the selected unit’s back and deals extra damage if it is an enemy unit.
Add. damage50/70/90
Number of charges4/5/6
Cooldown30 sec 1 charge
Range of use800
Damage typeMagical
Type of abilityActive

Do I need advice ?

We are approaching my favorite part of the review, this is the tactic of the game)). There are a lot of players on our platform, all with different types and levels of the game. I offer only the strategy that I like. In my opinion, Ricky is very easy to counter, in order to get him to Leith, he needs nannies. If you do not have such a team, I suggest to enrage everyone! Having received a couple of three levels, you can safely run on the lines and help kill opponents with the help of a cloud. Not to let foresters live in general is easier than ever But if they are against you, then only the farm remains! Diffuse will be one of the best items for you, so do not neglect them!

Be tolerant of allies and merciless to the enemy!

Kind regards,