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Coach Pupil League

07 Nov 2016 @ 17:24 CET

 LMaster says:

The coach pupil league (CPL), was one of the most popular and successful BW leagues in teamliquid history when it ran for two iterations in 2009. As luck would have it, it’s returned again in 2016 thanks to the work of LMaster! For those not familiar, at the heart it’s a proleague style teamleague, but with one major twist: a unique format in which coaches (B- rank or higher) such a Dragon, Metal[x], EndingLife, and others pick teams of 6 players (D- to C- MAX rank) that they train for 8 weeks. At the end of this period, the teamleague begins and battle it out to determine the most improved group of players and best coach. In other words, it’s the perfect opportunity for beginning BW players to get some high level advice and a great training environment. 

Prior to start of team selection, there will also be an individual tour for bragging rights, and to give coaches and players some idea of their current skill in order to achieve some level of initial parity in teams. This tour will take place Sunday, Novemeber 27th at 2:00 EST/20:00 CET. 

Additional information, as well as signups can be found on the TeamLiquid official league thread

For further questions you can post in the thread, or contact LMaster directly via Skype (luciditymasters), Discord (LMaster#1857), or via teamliquid PM

avatar #1 DE ICCup.Cele 07 Nov 2016 @ 17:32 CET

sound fun, gogo for bragging rights (;

avatar #2 UZ iCCup.Givensix 07 Nov 2016 @ 17:34 CET


avatar #3 FLAG25 Piano.Winter 21 Jun 2018 @ 19:33 CET

Грац, че еще сказать. не понял нифига