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Everything you need to win in one ALL IN PACK

1.18 version for StarCraft

28 Apr 2017 @ 21:47 CET
But everything in order, let us now talk about changes in new patch for this game.
Good day dear friends. I want to announce the release of the next cumulative patch for the game «StarCraft». In the new version of the patch, the developers have ensured the correction of many defects, bugs, errors, shoals discovered by players in previous versions of the patch, among other things, dramatically complements the gameplay. Also in the game, besides patch included cool add-on that is called «Brood War».

                    Changes made in patch 1.18:

 The developers have done a great job at identifying and correcting some of the shortcomings and errors discovered in the previous version of the patch.Not left without attention, flaws and wishes of the players relative to the previous version, the work was carried out to optimize and balance the game.Also added many convenient features for comfortable use players. Now we will list a more detailed list of the changes and additions in this patch:
Many of the changes You see were made by fellow developers. Maybe now, stocks will be less and players will be much easier to play this multiplayer game.

        A little bit about the addition of «Brood War»:

 The addition of the «Brood War» has also undergone a lot of updates have Been added three new campaigns, continuing the story of a game where stopped the narrative of the original «StarCraft a» In the game, new system uprgade equipment, which can be used to improve all equipment, weapons and so on. Also each race has received new units models, technical improvements, music tracks and the tile images for maps. «Brood War» was well received by critics, who noted its gaming usefulness, different from the usual add-ons.

                      Download, play and enjoy:

 Download of.version StarCraft a with the addition of a «Blood War»:
1. Download the Windows version of Starcraft with
2. Download Mac version

          The launch of StarCraft across the network

 ---+--- Guide run StarCraft on a network ---+---

Date of release: 31 Mar 1998
Connection via: LAN / (LAN Simulator)
Info on the game: epic Blizzard in the StarCraft universe. The newly arrived Terran, Protoss, and Zerg will plunge us into endless war with the void.
«War – forge of the will, fear is the fate of the enemy»

Preparing to run:

1. Download and install the game StarCraft

Running the game:

1. Launch of Evolve / Tunngle and enter in one room (network) with your friends.
If you want to play online.
2. Start the game using StarCraft StarCraft.exe

In the game:

On the Internet:
Create the server:
Network game —> game Type —> —> —> Enter / Create account —> Create —> Choose a map / Custom game —> Waiting for / Invite players —> Ok
Network game —> game Type —> —> —> Enter / Create account —> Join —> Choose the server from the list —> Ok 
Create the server: 
Network game —> game Type —> Local area network —> Drive nick —> Create game —> Choose map / Custom game —> Ok 
Network game —> game Type —> Local area network —> nick Drive —> Choose a server from the list —> Ok 


  • Minimizing the game (ALT + TAB) can lead to bugs images of the game again re-entry in the menu. The game itself is rare.
  • The game was tested on Windows 7 64 bit, no problems arise, but if they are, then put in the shortcut properties compatibility with Windows XP SP 3.
 And be careful: the game is addictive, so I don't repeat the mistakes of the Koreans, not branching from the monitor and dead near him. Good should be in moderation!


avatar #1 IT iCCup.Face 29 Apr 2017 @ 17:31 CET


iCCup is not compatible with the patch 1.18

If you want to play and iCCup at the same time this is what you have to do:

- Let Blizzard install the 1.18 in the folder "Starcraft" and use it to play (shortcut to desktop if u want)

- Create a new folder (not important name, I've used "Starcraft 1.16")

avatar #2 IT iCCup.Face 29 Apr 2017 @ 17:31 CET

- Download our client and patch it to 1.16.1

- Extract the Starcraft 1.16 files in the folder just created

- Path the iCCup Launcher to 1.16

Now you can play and iCCup using the correct versions

avatar #3 FR -MyST- 05 May 2017 @ 22:02 CET

Yes it's working, but I need to play on iccup with french hotkey and the broodwar you provides is in english.

Also I tried to replace local.dll with the french one, but it didn't work either...

avatar #4 IT iCCup.Face 08 May 2017 @ 18:07 CET

You have to find a french client possibly not patched to 1.18 (the local.dll is not the only file to replace to change language)

avatar #5 US iCCup.Core 21 May 2017 @ 06:21 CET

I am back! Glad to see iCCup is still going !

avatar #6 US YujeN 22 May 2017 @ 02:02 CET

So you download the starcraft file and patch... Put them in a folder and link that to the launcher?

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