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Winter Series: two Tournaments in a row

16 Jan 2014 @ 22:42 CET


MM is one of the funniest UMS played in team. There is a MACRO player which builds and produces units and a MICRO player which moves and controls these units.

This Tournament is opened to all and will be hosted using the random-ally format, the sign-up thread will be opened 30 minutes before the tour starts. Only the official MM map is allowed to be played.

Date: 19 January 2014 Time 17:00 CET
Sign-up: link
Tour: link
Official MM map: download
Prizes: Special icon and store gold

Major League Snipers Tournament

25 Dec 2013 @ 21:00 CET


To welcome the new Snipers community that has recently moved to iCCup, we will be fully supporting the community in any way we can!

During this 1 month long tournament, the players who have signed up will have a chance to win $100. The top players of this tournament will be receiving the money when the tournament ends. There is NO SIGNUP FEE. It's FREE to PLAY.


The snipers community is small as of

Starcraft X-MAS Tournament

19 Dec 2013 @ 04:09 CET

This is the first Tournament of the Winter Series

X-MAS TOUR: link
Date: 26 December 2013
Time: 19:00 CET
Channel: Tournaments

This event is reserved to real newbies, restricted to players with actual rank under 2999 points, but not only. We hope to make more events like this in the next weeks.

To ensure only real low skills playing here the tournaments team will apply special rules to check for players, if you signed-up the tour and your name is not in the list anymore, do not sign-up with any oth

StarCraft Quiz Competition n°2

10 Dec 2013 @ 16:30 CET

New Support System

05 Dec 2013 @ 03:15 CET

The new Support section allows you to report all kinds of complaints and solve any issues you may have.


Quick Access

Now it takes literally a few clicks to make a report anyone who screwed up your game. The Support section can be accessed by clicking on the Support button at the Main page or the Support tab at the top of every page.


Easy Reporting

In order to ask a question or create a complaint, you just need to: Game/Service -> Complaint Type -> Describe your Problem!
All communication within th

ICCup Ladder Main Event Info

01 Dec 2013 @ 16:07 CET

CL Season XXV has a champion

25 Nov 2013 @ 14:25 CET

After several months of intense competition the 25st Season of the ICCup Clan League comes to an end. Without further ado, here are the results:


Game for The Crown: BG vs FR
BulgariaINF3cted[BG]0 — 2Russian FederationFR.Werdi
BulgariaTechnics[BG]0 — 2Canada[FR]KiDCaNaDa
BulgariaWallace[BG]1 — 2Russian Federationfrbandy
BulgariaSnowCock[BG]0 — 2Russian Federationidegel[FR]



1 — 2

fr)chrhRussian Federation

idegel[FR]Russian Federation

BulgariaClan BG
0 — 5Russian FederationClan FR
Download replays

Gratulations to the Fire Resist yoba!


A very proud  Russian FederationYoda, leader of FR and one of BW's strongest casters, had this to say:

«First of

CL Playoffs Ahead

11 Nov 2013 @ 18:44 CET

The current season of ICCup Brood War Clan League is about to finish. All play days are over, hence the play offs are about to start. We'll use the old system, in which the best four clans will play each other in two weeks. The overall winner of the system described below will be our new champion. Hooray!






Furthermore, two teams will be automatically demoted to the B Divisions. LT] will go down to Division B1 and are going to replaced with msJ, while 7x goes to Div

Dota 2 Items

02 Nov 2013 @ 22:12 CET

Tour Section Recruiting

23 Oct 2013 @ 21:01 CET

Hello guys,

You know one of the funnier entertainment events online are the tournaments,
the StarCraft Tour Section needs a couple of motivated admins which can invest minimum six hours/week (two tours/week) to host and manage them.

If you are interested write a PM to ItalyiCCup.Face including:

— Your name;
— Age;
— Country;
— Job, occupation, study;
— What experience do you have in StarCraft and or in administrating;
— How much time you can spend a day for doing regular admin job;
— Main account as pl