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#1 Posted: 21 Jul 2009 @ 10:43 CET quote
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Read about basic rule about relationship with server admin => www.iccup.com

Rcently pepole are posting about admin impolitely or acusing admin as bad and stupid.

You are not here to rule us. You will have to follow iCCup rule.

From now on these rules will be complied on Complaint about admin forum.

- be polite or else your post will be ignored and locked even if its under investigation or even if it wasn't answered yet

- even smallest remark about any admin's job that put him in the wrong light will result in your post closed and unsolved.

- keep your opinions to yourself and you will get the job done

- if you are pissed and your about to make a post, stop right there cause it will probably be closed or will get sitebanned.

- we only want the necessary info. Complaint ID, player names or replay depending on what kind of case it is (applies for ladder related cases)

- if an admin did smth bad to you don't fuss about it. Make a post in which u state the time and place it took, screen shots and other evidence but keep your opinions to yourself or else we will ignore it. Keep it as emotionless as possible no smilies nothing.

- if you make any bad remarks about iccup in overall we will deal with you with extreme hostility (what it means go figure it out yourself) Punishment perm siteban or/and lockacct on server.

- if you repeatedly fail to make a proper post (lets say like 4-5 times on the SAME CASE) because you fail to apply the above guidelines you will be sitebanned and another posts on other accounts will only get you further into trouble and u dont want to mess with us

- If you want to put a good opinion on a particular admin GO AHEAD! We wont ban u for that :).

- Example of cases we don't want to see:

"He deserves to be removed,banned"

"He is a bad admin"

"He doesn't know a thing about solving cases"

"Why are you keeping someone like that?"

"The iccup rules are bad"

"I play on iccup because it has lan latency i don't care about rules"

"It's stupid rule"

"Why did you let that admin in?"

"Admin does not know the rule."

or swearing. etc....

=> punishment will be siteban or/and lockacct.

Complaint about admin forum => We have this forum because we all know admins can make mistake. That's why we have this forum. Higher admin (Super Admins or Higher) will review and if it was mistake, we will advise admins to correct them and get your issue fixed.

Admins deserved to be respect because we are here to help iCCup community. That means we are helping you.



iCCup Admin Team.

Edited by iCCup.xboi209 (01 Mar 2014 @ 20:39 CET)
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