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Rules for the legality of the ClaW


A checkup of all the clan signed for the next CL is going on, the rules above will be strictly followed.

The only update has been made about the "Dummies"


3.6 'Dummies', every Clan is allowed to keep only one dummy to share for technical purposes (place holder), the name of the account have to be «Dummy» + the Clan Tag (example: iFU.Dummy). This account cannot be used to play CL/ladder/Tours. No exceptions are allowed.

The ONLY other account allowed to be shared is the clan bot.


In the next days will be posted a list of the accounts to be removed from every clan and official warnings will be given to clan caught having players with multiple accounts.

If the Clan hit by the official warning will be found having multiple accounts again during the season 26 or the next seasons, the Clan will be temporary banned from ClaW or disbanded.

Heavier punishments will be given to players found "double clanning" and to Clan Leaders who allowed it.


3.4 Players must be members of a single Clan participating in the Clanleague; it is the Clan Leaders' duty to ensure that payers are not members of another Clan playing CL.

Get ready to clean your clan as soon as possible!

More info in the next days.


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