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#1 Posted: 13 Sep 2013 @ 23:49 CET quote
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Please, pay attention on this, because if your thread is not by the spirit of the rules, it will be denied & closed.

If you want to complain against admin's decision, behaviour, actions - this is the place where you can do it. But in every case - you need an explanation of the situation, evidence (screenshots and/or replays).

What we will investigate:

- Complaints against admin decisions.

- Complaints against admins, proving that the given admins are breaking the rules and/or abusing.

- Complaints written in English. If you are Russian - you can post a complaint here.

For complaints related to Ladder:

ID of the complaint / Link to the Forum Ladder Complaint:

ID of the game in Match list:

Paste the text from the Private Message that you have received from the admin:

Screenshots: With /time command on them


Who will review the complaints against admins

- Super Admin if the complaint is against Trial/Full admin.

- Head Admin if the complaint is against Super Admin.

Prohibitions in CAA forum

- It is forbidden to post a reply in complaints which are not related to you. (Punishment: 4 days ban from Forums)

- It is forbidden to accuse admins if you do not have solid evidence. Any act like this will be taken as undermining the authority of the administration.

- It is forbidden to use bad language (insulting) in our forums. (Punishment: From 4 days ban to 60 days)

- If your complaint against admin has been reviewed and Super Admin has decided to leave the decision that you complain about - then you can ask for 2nd review by the Head admin. If he decides to leave the decision, too, then - do not open a new thread, it will be denied, and sanctions will be given for flooding the forum. (Punishment: From 1 to 30 days ban on forums).

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