Teammate give out the location of the team or the flame? Mute him

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Universal BM Rules

Grade 0: Usage of the word Noob without derogatory adjectives: No punishment

Grade 1: Calling another user stupid, idiot, dumb, or similar: 2 day chatban on the server/ban from the forum

Grade 2: Swearing at another user fuck you, bitch, asshole, or similar: 4 day chatban on the server/ban from the forum

Grade 3: Making sexual or racist comments with intent to upset another user:

    •1st Offence: 7 day chatban on the server/ban from the forum

    •2nd Offence: 30 day chatban on the server/ban from the forum

    •3rd Offense: The offender's account will be cleared and locked and in addition, the user will be permanently banned from the website.


BM Against Admin

BM against an administrator will result in your account's statistics being cleared and the entire account locked.


Posting in wrong boards

Posting in another user's BM Complaint: 4 day ban from the forum

Posting in another user's CAA: 7 day ban from the forum


BM in 2x2 channel

The Ladder 2x2 channel may be moderated with a bot that will issue chatbans without warning nor BM complaint because of offensive words.

If you have been wrongly banned, you may create a CAA to resolve your issue.


Offensive/Inappropriate Usernames

•Offensive or inappropriate usernames in any language will be permanently banned.

•Only iCCup staff may use the iCCup prefix in their username.

•Usernames that has a website url in it will be banned

If you've seen any usernames that breaks the above rules, please PM imageiCCup.s0Ldi3R with the username and link to profile.

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