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#1 Posted: 28 Jun 2012 @ 16:30 CET quote
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It appears that yet still some of the teams are unaware of how to take the walkovers, and some others don't even know what it is.

The walkover, also referred to as w/o or w.o, literally means "an easy victory."

The walkovers on iCCup occur when one of the teams does not show up for the scheduled match; or doesn't have enough members, or simply refuses to play. When this happens, the team that has enough members online and is willing to play, has a right to take the free win - a walkover.


The procedure of how to take the walkover:

A screenshot must be taken at least 15 minutes after the start of the match. This screenshot has to include the following:

- /time command.

- A link to your match.

- Showing you have enough members to play the match.

- At least one user in the correct channel, showing opponents are not there.

Notice that, in Clan War matches, it is as well allowed for the opponent team to confirm their own loss.

A failure to provide one of those steps will result in a walkover denial.

There is one other case when your walkover repots will be denied:

- DotA teams. All matches against DotA teams will be deleted.


Single game walkover:

A walkover can be taken over a single game as well, in case if the opposing team has some of the players, but not all. Or if the player refuses to play. Take a screenshot with /time command in the proper channel.

If the player goes away for a long time and you want to get a free win, take the first screenshot when the player is away and does not respond. Take a second screenshot at least 10 minutes later with the same /time command in the proper channel.


The time:

The server and the iCCup website time is wrong, so you should not refer to it. Trust you own clock. Every administrator knows the exact server and website time offset, and judges your screenshot according to the real time.


Clan War walkover point system:

The team that wins, gets +300 points.

The team that loses, gets -250 points.



Examples of approved walkovers:

Examples of denied walkovers:

Examples of the walkovers confirmed by the opposing team:

Example of the walkovers over a single game:

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